12 Benefits of Brotowali for Health and Side Effects

The Latin name for brotowali is Tinospora cordifolia, is known to have a number of health benefits. The benefits of brotowali are known to be efficacious for treating diabetes, gout, hepatitis, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, treating venereal diseases and reducing the number of HIV viruses.

You may have known about brotowali leaves because of their benefits which are said to be effective for weaning babies. But apparently, the benefits of these bitter-tasting leaves are more than that, right? The benefits of brotowali herbal medicine are even famous as an effective herbal medicine for treating a number of diseases.

Benefits of brotowali for health

There are various health benefits of brotowali, which you may not have thought of before. It tastes bitter, but the benefits are not small. The following are various benefits of brotowali leaves for health:

1. Prevent diabetes

The antioxidant content of alkaloids, tannins, glycosides and flavonoids in brotowali leaves is useful for controlling blood sugar levels.

Not only that, the antioxidant content in brotowali also functions to increase insulin production and trigger glucose absorption into muscles which is very necessary for treating diabetes.

2. Prevent cancer

Melanoma antioxidants and flavonoids in brotowali leaves function to fight free radicals that cause cancer. However, further research is still needed to prove that brotowali is safe and effective for use as an anticancer drug.

3. Prevent stroke and heart disease

Apart from that, the antioxidants in brotowali can also reduce the risk of health problems such as stroke and heart disease. The antioxidants in this plant can lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, as well as prevent blood blockages that cause strokes and heart disease.

4. Treating gout

Brotowali is often used to treat gout. This is because the flavonoid content in brotowali has anti-inflammatory properties which can treat pain in the joint area of ​​gout sufferers.

5. Treating skin diseases

The benefits of brotowali are also good for maintaining healthy skin. Brotowali also has antimicrobial compounds such as choline, tinosporin, isocolumbin, palmatine, tetrahydropalmatine, and magnoflorine which function to treat various health problems caused by bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Consuming brotowali leaves can help treat rashes, itching, skin irritation, and venereal diseases such as lion king or syphilis.

6. Reduces fever

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When you have a fever, you can use the leaves
brotowali to lower body temperature.

The antimicrobial compound, picrotein in brotowali leaves is also useful for fighting infection with pathogenic microorganisms that cause an increase in body temperature or fever. Consuming brotowali can normalize body temperature again.

Apart from that, the antiperic and analgesic effects of picrotein in brotowali can relieve pain during fever. This compound is also what causes the bitter taste of brotowali.

7. Relieve anxiety

Brotowali also contains anti-stress compounds which are effective in relieving anxiety. This content is also useful for maintaining nerve and brain health.

8. Maintain bone health

The next benefit of brotowali leaves is maintaining bone health. The ecdysteroid compound content in brotowali is effective in treating rheumatic diseases, as well as preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (joint inflammation).

9. Overcome inflammation and eradicate fungal bacteria that cause infection

The antioxidants in brotowali also have anti-inflammatory properties which function to overcome acute inflammation. Apart from that, brotowali contains chemicals that are antibacterial and antifungal.

Research shows that brotowali extract can kill and prevent the growth of various types of bacteria and fungi that cause infections. However, the effectiveness of brotowali still needs further research.

10. Treating hepatitis

The terpene compound content in brotowali is useful for treating hepatitis. Brotowali is claimed to be useful for maintaining liver health and function.

This is because brotowali contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. However, the benefits of brotowali for the liver are only for healthy people. The reason is, in people who have liver disease or impaired liver function, consuming brotowali can risk causing more severe liver damage, especially if consumed excessively.

11. Potentially reduces the number of HIV viruses

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Brotowali leaf extract is believed to reduce
the amount of HIV virus in the body.

Brotowali leaf extract is also considered to have the potential to help reduce resistance to recurrence of the HIV virus. This means that consuming these leaves can help reduce the number of viruses in the body.

This benefit is proven through a study which states that brotowali leaves can reduce excess levels of white blood cells, as well as other infection marker components in the body.

12. Increase body endurance

The antioxidant properties of brotowali leaves are also useful in increasing the body’s endurance and preventing various dangerous diseases. Brotowali contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and various other important nutrients which are useful for improving the immune system.

Side effects of brotowali that you need to be aware of

Even though it is known as a highly efficacious herbal medicine, consuming brotowali excessively can cause side effects. Brotowali consumed excessively can cause liver and kidney poisoning.

Research on mice shows that brotowali extract at high doses, namely 4 g/kg body weight or the equivalent of 28.95 grams of powder/kg body weight, has the potential to cause liver and kidney poisoning.

Therefore, consuming brotowali in high doses for a long time is not recommended.

Using brotowali for weaning is also not recommended, because it can endanger the child’s health.

Apart from that, brotowali also has the potential to cause drug interaction effects. So, it is best to consult a doctor first if you want to consume brotowali, especially for those of you who have a history of certain diseases.

How to make brotowali herbal medicine

Brotowali can be processed into herbal medicine to treat various diseases, one of which is fever. To make brotowali herbal medicine, you can adjust it to the health problems you are experiencing.

However, in general making brotowali herbal medicine is very easy. Here are the materials needed and how to make it.


  • 5 grams of brotowali stems
  • 3 grams bitter
  • 5 grams of cat’s whiskers
  • 110 ml of water

Ways of making:

  • Wash all ingredients with running water
  • Boil brotowali leaves with boiling water
  • Turn off the stove and filter the water
  • Serve and drink while warm

Notes from SehatQ

Brotowali leaves do offer various health benefits. But don’t use it as the main treatment for the disease you are experiencing. You should still consult a doctor, including when you want to use it to relieve symptoms of HIV infection.