22 films and series you should definitely not watch when you’re a parent

22 films and series you should definitely not watch when you're a parent

Are you on edge right now and cry every time you see a horror or suspense film? Maybe it’s because he’s… “unsuitable.” Certain films and series are in fact not recommended when you are a young parent.

Between work, shopping, children and evenings with friends, it’s difficult to find time for yourself. So, when a moment of respite sets in, we often choose the winning combo: film and cozy blanket. As long as you choose the film carefully! Certain feature films can actually affect you morally, as the MagicMaman site reminds us.

Films not recommended for tired parents

When a child is born, empathy is often increased tenfold. We begin to look at other people’s children in the street, we feel sorry for the fate of an animal in distress and we sometimes even develop an exacerbated sensitivity.

This is why certain films and series should be avoided – otherwise you risk having a bad evening.

Films that talk about kidnapping, disappearance or death of children

  • “Captives”.
  • “As deep as the ocean.”
  • “Madre”.
  • “Pororoca, not a day passes”.
  • “Our opposite stars”.
  • “My life for yours”.
  • “Whatever happens, I love you.”
  • “Lovely bones”.
  • “My girl”.
  • “War is declared”.

Anxiety or horror films

  • “The grudge”.
  • “Wind chill”.
  • “Gaming disorder”.
  • “Silent Hill”.
  • “Survival instinct”.
  • “Martyrs”.
  • “Paranormal activity”.
  • “Insidious”.
  • “The exorcism”.
  • “Annabelle”.

Drama or suspense series

  • “The Scarlet Handmaiden”.
  • “Black Mirror”.
  • “Squid game”.
  • “After life”.

Finally, series like “Emily in Paris” – which retraces the “ideal” life of a young American woman in Paris – can quickly annoy young parents, whose daily life is a world away from glitz and glitter.

Which films or series to favor?

All those who make you feel good! Comedy films (Our Happy Days, The Stupid Dinner…), entertainment shows or even films featuring overwhelmed or immature parents (En Knocked Up, Instructions for Use, Daddy Cool, Baby, Instructions for Use job, long live the holidays…).

Enough to put you into perspective and make you seem like the best parents in the world!