3 exercises to do in the morning to lose weight effectively

3 exercises to do in the morning to lose weight effectively

Do you want to lose weight and have time in the morning? Find out how to lose weight effectively by organizing your sports session at the start of the day. Sports coach Pierre-Marie Barry gives you his opinion.

Does exercising in the morning help you lose weight?

First point to clarify, does doing sport in the morning or in the evening have the same impact on weight loss? According to coach Pierre-Marie Barry: “In reality, you should carry out your session at the time of the day when you are most motivated and you have time. This choice is above all a question of feeling, and varies according to each person. Which is essential in a loss of weight is eating, sleeping and being active.

What exercises to lose weight?

According to the coach: “Sports-wise, the secret to weight loss is to combine both strength training and adding cardio at the end of the session. For example, it is interesting to do an hour of weight training and finish with twenty to thirty minutes on the treadmill.

Our expert discusses three types of exercises that work well for weight loss: “Multi-joint exercises, like deadlifts and squats, are movements that require a lot of energy and involve many joints. They are therefore particularly effective for burning fat. Then cardio exercises like burpees are useful in end of the session to expend maximum energy. Finally, movements with accessories such as the kettlebell are also interesting because they allow you to target certain muscles in depth. By building muscle, you increase your muscle mass and burn more calories at rest “.

Is it a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach?

According to the expert: “Exercising on an empty stomach is possible and allows you to burn fat with low-intensity exercises. However, to do bodybuilding, you need energy. Eating before your session provides better blood flow as well as better recovery, essential during a high-intensity session. Doing weight training on an empty stomach would also be counterproductive“.

The coach also adds: “Cardio after a weight training session is a great way to burn fat because the body has already consumed the sugar from the foods eaten before the session. Indeed, ultimately, the body chooses to eliminate fat“.

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