3 foods loved by children to ban according to this doctor

3 foods loved by children to ban according to this doctor

According to Dr. Jimmy Mohamed, certain falsely healthy foods should be banned from your child’s plate. Explanations.

It’s hard to say “no” to your youngest when he asks for one of his favorite foods. The problem ? Certain foods that are very popular with children are not harmless for their health.

The 3 products to ban from your fridge

Dr Jimmy Mohamed, general practitioner and TV columnist, took advantage of his appearance on the show What an era! this Saturday, February 3 to warn parents against certain industrial foods that are too often given to children.

The first, at the top of the list? Knacki type sausages. They should not “not even given to animals” assured the doctor. Their composition leaves something to be desired: leftover meat, flavor enhancers, nitrites, additives, etc. They also contain more lipids than proteins and contain a significant amount of salt. It is therefore a processed food to be avoided.

The GP also strongly criticized surimi. Beneath its healthy appearance, the little orange stick is in reality a “agglomeration of fish remains, not really crab, even if some manufacturers have made an effort”. In prime, “It’s poor quality protein.”, deplores Dr Jimmy Mohamed. On a daily basis, choose real fish, rich in lipids, vitamins, minerals and good quality proteins.

The latest product in the doctor’s sights? Compote gourds. Counterintuitively, these would be harmful to toddlers, because they prevent children from learning to chew. “We make them insensitive in the jaw”, warns Dr. Mohamed. Another drawback of these fruit puree-based gourds: they are very sweet and contain little fiber. The doctor therefore recommends giving children whole fruits as soon as they are old enough to eat them.

As the NGO Foodwatch sadly reminds us, today, 9 out of 10 children’s food products are bad for your health. They would be too fatty or too sweet, compared to the nutritional recommendations of the World Health Organization.

What foods should a child eat every day?

According to the health insurance website, fruits and vegetables are preferred foods, at a rate of five portions per day.

Same thing with cereals and legumes which are important for the functioning of muscles and the brain.

Unlike sugary foods, they provide energy that is gradually released into the body. Consuming it allows your child to limit “punches” between meals. Contrary to popular belief, cereals and legumes do not make you gain weight when consumed in reasonable quantities.“, specifies Améli.

Whole or unrefined cereals (rice, pasta, bread, etc.) should be eaten every day, while legumes should be eaten at least twice a week.

As for dairy products – to consume 3 to 4 times a day – “they are essential for growth, muscle building and bone strength because they provide proteins, calcium and vitamin D“.

Finally, meat, fish and eggs are important sources of protein and iron, “necessary for bone building and building muscle mass“. But it is not necessary to consume it with every meal.