3 tips to be less irritable according to a psychologist

3 tips to be less irritable according to a psychologist

Are you often angry, do you cry over nothing, do you have difficulty accepting the most trivial remarks? You’re probably too irritable. How can I reduce this character trait? Here are the three tips from Dr Céline Tran, psychiatrist in Paris.

Irritability is a human thing. It happens to all of us that we cannot tolerate this or that situation, but in certain cases, it is necessary to act, to no longer let this irritability invade you. Here are three easy tips to implement, by Dr. Céline Tran, psychiatrist.

Realize that you are irritable

Sometimes irritable people are the only ones who don’t realize this” Dr. Tran first notes. “They huff, get exasperated, become impatient, roll their eyes when someone speaks to them or tap their fingertips on the desk… So many signs that show their irritability“.

If irritability seems to come on suddenly, in reality it is accompanied by a procession of warning signs, which it is good to notice in order to better distance yourself from it. “The body also manifests itself when tension rises and we begin to be irritable. adds the specialist. “We have palpitations, we tense up, we can feel a lump in our stomach…” All the symptoms of anger spread slowly, only to make us explode later. All these warning signs must therefore be known, to be better recognized.

Take a deep breath

Once awareness begins, you have to breathe. “Breathing will allow you to calm down, it will represent a break, a way to reconnect with reality. adds Dr. Tran. “We then become aware of what is happening around us, and we can concentrate on it.”

The specialist recommends square breathing, with an inspiration, a breathing pause of a few seconds then an exhalation and a pause of a few seconds again. “You can also inhale normally and exhale longer, quite simply, it works too” she assures.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Identify sources of stress and take action

Once you have calmed down, it is time to analyze the situation. “We must first identify the source of stress” adds our expert “and determine if it is possible to act on it to eliminate it”.

This could be noise in an open space, for example, so you can ask to change workplace. And if this is not possible, find alternatives to relieve the stress generated at work, such as playing sports, for example.“.

In any case, the situation should not be considered as inevitable. “On the contrary, we must act and not tell ourselves that we are condemned to stay like this for eternity!” concludes the specialist.