3 trendy tattoo inspirations in 2024

3 trendy tattoo inspirations in 2024

A true art, getting a tattoo is an increasingly common act in recent years. Besides, tattoos also have their trends. Find out which ones you will find in 2024.

Nearly 20% of French people have at least one tattoo in 2023. While some people prefer them discreet, others like to show them off for everyone to see. Totally black or with pretty colors, a wide choice is available to you in terms of tattoos. One thing is certain, there is something for everyone! Whether it is done on a whim, the fruit of careful consideration, the memory of a trip or purely aesthetic, there is always a good reason to get a tattoo. Discover the tattoo trends of 2024. Which one will appeal to you?

Your pet’s tattoo

The first trend for 2024 is to get a tattoo of your pet’s portrait. For the softer ones, you can also opt for just one of its legs. People who choose to ink their little beast on their body often do so to have a memory of him, engraved forever.

These tattoos can symbolize a lost animal and thus reflect the physical need to have it with you. Others are made in honor of a still living animal, with the simple aim of representing the love that the owner has for his little companion.

While some like to show off by drawing their dog large on their arm, others consider this tattoo very personal and prefer a more discreet area like the thigh.

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The jewel tattoo

Another trend that should be popular in 2024: the jewelry tattoo. In the form of a bracelet or ring, this type of tattoo is a way to have a permanent piece of jewelry on your body.

For the most daring, the neck tattoo can enhance your neckline by adorning you with a pretty personalized necklace. Some people even choose to tattoo their wedding ring. With this technique, one thing is certain: you will not lose your jewelry!

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A tattoo that reminds you of your childhood

Do you dream of returning to your childhood? The year 2024 is the perfect time to wear tattoos that remind you of your favorite heroes!

To inspire yourself, dig into the series, video games, comics that you loved when you were little. A Disney princess, Mario and Luidgi or even Batman, we all have a favorite hero! Because it suits you or particularly inspires you, why not ink it on your body? If you can tattoo a carbon copy of your favorite character, tattoo artists will also be happy to adapt it to another style to make it more original!

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