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Dirty hair? Add the clarifying shampoo to your beauty regimen

donna usa shampoo chiarificante
Dull or greasy hair? No problem! Try adding clarifying shampoo to your beauty routine. Self your hair sometimes appears dull or oily even after washing them with shampoo and conditioner, you may have gone too far with styling products or your hair just needs a refresh. CanvaFor this reason we…

After-sun shower oil: the do-it-yourself recipe

If you want to prepare a shower oil yourself after a sunbath or a trip to the beach, choose the right ingredients. “Sweet almond oil contains high percentages of vitamin E and myristic acid, compacting, moisturizing, firming. Coconut oil is rich in amino acids that structure the skin’s proteins, and…

Waistline, cellulite and excess fluids: beauty treatments

from Ilaria Perrotta The summer has begun and anxiety rises for many of us. Ok, another year of pandemic and less active life did not help us: the accumulation of adiposity on the waist, cellulite and excess fluids are common enemies. But now we don’t want to instigate an insane…