3 Ways to Get Loose Teeth to Fall Out Quickly Naturally

Tidak boleh pasang gigi palsu tanpa cabut akar gigi karena bisa picu infeksi

Even though you are loose, is it permissible to pull your own teeth? In fact, self-pulling teeth should only be done on milk teeth, and even then if the child’s milk teeth are really loose.

There are several ways you can do so that milk teeth fall out quickly, namely by wiggling them with your tongue or pulling them out using your hands.

If the teeth are permanent or adult teeth, then they must be extracted by a dentist, even if they are loose. This is because permanent tooth extraction has a higher risk of infection and tissue damage compared to milk teeth.

How to make loose teeth fall out quickly

Loose teeth can be very annoying and sometimes even make it difficult for you to chew food. In fact, the best way to remove a tooth is to go to the dentist. However, there are several ways to remove loose children’s teeth so that they come out quickly, namely:

1. Shake it with your tongue

One way to make teeth fall out quickly naturally is to wiggle them with your tongue. This method is considered easier and has minimal infection, because you can regulate the pressure you apply to your teeth yourself so that it doesn’t hurt or injure your gums. If you shake it often, the pressure from your tongue will eventually make your teeth become looser and fall out by themselves.

2. Remove with a rope

One of the most common ways to quickly pull loose teeth is to use a string attached to a door handle.

The method is as follows:

  • Tie one end of the rope to the doorknob
  • Then tie the other end of the string to the shaking tooth
  • To get the loose teeth out, close the door without slamming it too hard
  • Teeth can fall out by themselves

However, keep in mind that this method is not actually recommended by dentists. This is because pulling out a tooth with a string can risk damaging the surrounding gum tissue, especially if the door is closed too hard. This method should also not be used to remove adult teeth.

Removing a tooth from the mouth via a string tied to a doorknob carries a greater risk of severe pain, infection, and tooth decay.

3. Shake with your hands

You can also use your hands to remove loose teeth from children. However, make sure you only do this when the teeth are really loose and ready to fall out. The hands or fingers used to hold the teeth must also be washed until they are completely clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Start by holding the tooth with a clean tissue and rocking it back and forth to loosen it. Continue to wiggle and pull in a slight twist to remove it.

A baby tooth that is ready to fall out should not cause much bleeding, but if it does, apply firm pressure to the area with clean gauze. Then, check the child’s mouth to make sure there are no remaining pieces of baby teeth.

Then, if your child feels pain or swelling in the gums for a long time, immediately consult a doctor to determine whether the condition is infected or not.

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Risk of pulling out your own tooth

Removing milk teeth or adult teeth itself has health risks that you need to be aware of, such as:

1. Infection

Although children’s teeth can be removed by themselves if they become loose. However, pulling teeth by hand or other methods can risk bringing a lot of bacteria into the mouth which can trigger tooth and gum infections.

This infection can cause pain and swelling, so it can only be cured through treatment at the dentist.

2. The surrounding teeth are damaged

If you carelessly remove your own teeth, the tissue around the teeth can also be damaged, from the gums to the bones that support the teeth. If this happens, recovery will take a long time.

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We can actually apply pressure, such as wiggling loose teeth with our tongue, as a way to make the teeth fall out quickly. However, make sure to always consult a doctor first if you want to use any method to remove teeth.

The doctor will first examine the condition of your teeth and provide appropriate treatment methods. The doctor will also prescribe medication to relieve pain and fight the risk of infection, so that the tooth extraction process is safe and does not cause side effects.