4 benefits of laughter at work

4 benefits of laughter at work

What if laughing at work was good for employees? Well, imagine that this is the case! Discover the 4 great benefits of hilarity.

Laughter has many positive effects on physical and mental health. These also have a direct link with work because a positive state of mind is essential to being fulfilled professionally.

1) Boost your productivity and creativity

According to the ACMS, occupational prevention and health service in Île de France: “Laughter brings energy to the body. It increases the amount of air ventilated, improves blood oxygenation, strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion and improves sleep. It is also a powerful painkiller“.

This means that your moments of laughter increase your well-being and such benefits make you more productive at work. Laughter activates certain regions of the brain and new connections are made, leading to an increase in creativity. Dopamine, produced during happy moments, generates more ideas and facilitates the learning process. So, laughing with your colleagues can really help you succeed in your work!

2) Reduce your stress

A source of anxiety for many people, work can easily have a negative impact on daily life. According to the ACMS: “Laughter then acts as an anti-stress method. Laughter produces dopamine and endorphins in the brain, also known as “happy hormones.” That’s not all ! It also reduces the secretion of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, and stabilizes the heart rate while lowering blood pressure.“. According to the association, laughter is good for morale because “it provides a feeling of well-being, releases tension and helps to de-dramatize situations“. This is a good way to release negative emotions, such as anger or frustration. By having fun, you are more serene, more relaxed and therefore less anxious.

3) Improve your relationships with your team

Spending fun times with others creates social connections. This is a very important point at work because the general atmosphere is decisive for the state of your morale! So, laughing with your colleagues puts you in a climate of confidence. You can thus get to know each other through humor, be more united and evolve in a more friendly atmosphere.

Employees who laugh with each other share their opinions more calmly, and aim to move forward together towards the same objectives. This advantage is directly linked to the first benefit: increased productivity. One thing is certain, when you enjoy going to the office, the work is of better quality!

4) Limit conflicts

On the other hand, humor helps you resolve problems and approach your interactions with others in a calmer manner. You will be more comfortable making a sensitive request if you have a good relationship with your boss, for example. Laughter then allows messages to be conveyed gently.

It’s the same for managers! Often feared by employees, those who laugh have everything to gain! Indeed, when they appear happier, managers are more appreciated by employees. This climate of trust promotes their commitment to the company and increases their respect for their superior.

Don’t hesitate to share these tips with your colleagues to enjoy the benefits of laughing at work together!