4 little-known reasons why your cat sleeps on your lap

4 little-known reasons why your cat sleeps on your lap

Has your cat gotten into the habit of snuggling up on your lap when you’re sitting quietly on the sofa or working? It’s not just out of affection. Cats are much greater strategists than that!

Have your knees become your little feline’s favorite place whenever you sit down? At the risk of disappointing you, it’s not just out of love, but rather out of instinct. Here are 4 reasons why your cat comes to curl up right there on top of you.

He appreciates… your warmth

Before being the hand that feeds and caresses it, you are a walking radiator for the cat. In constant search of warmth and comfort, he perceives your body at 37 degrees on average as a simple way to warm up (and then he benefits from scratches, which doesn’t hurt anything).

He seeks security

Sleeping on you is also a guarantee of safety for the cat. Let’s not forget that instinctively, the cat is both a predator and a prey. By falling asleep on you, he believes that you are his bodyguard and that you will react in case of danger. In short, he relies on you… as a strategy.

He marks his territory

It is often said that we do not own a cat but that the cat chooses its humans. This is exactly the case here. By sleeping on you, the cat, a territorial animal par excellence, marks its territory and includes you in its fold. By rubbing, it deposits its pheromones, which indicate: “This is my human”. A sign of trust, somewhat manipulative, but ultimately quite touching.

He finds you… comfortable

Finally, let’s look at things practically (the cat is not stupid): you are there, motionless on a sofa, comfortably seated, at the right temperature, and with hands that sometimes just want to caress. Nothing to say, you are the perfect spot, like a good massage chair to spend the next hour. It would be crazy not to jump at the chance!