Jewelry brand Grusha Diamonds showed footage of a new advertising campaign

Jewelry brand Grusha Diamonds showed footage of a new advertising campaign

The European company Grusha Diamonds appeared on the market quite recently. The jewelry house has existed since 2017, but the brand’s current ideologists consider Ivan Dmitrievich Nikitin, a hereditary jeweler and employee of the Moscow branch of Carl Faberge’s company, to be its founder. In 1924, he was one of the founders of the Izumrud artel, which was later transformed into the Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory. This company still exists today and is engaged in the production of jewelry, including those commissioned by Grusha Diamonds.

Grusha Diamonds jewelry is a new interpretation of European classics in the premium segment. The brand reflects European culture and the rich artistic heritage of our country in its collections. Therefore, the main source of inspiration for Grusha Diamonds designer jewelry is the period of the late 19th century, the time of the unprecedented rise of the European Empire, the flourishing of its culture and art, production and folk crafts. The name itself has a double meaning. On the one hand, it refers to the traditional European name Grusha (diminutive of Agrafen), on the other, to the spectacular pear-shaped cut, which harmoniously combines the classic round silhouette and the marquise cut. Pear-shaped diamonds sparkle in jewelry from the flagship collection of the same name.

Florarium studs, rings and necklaces play on a floral motif with three graphic petals around a central diamond. She is an original asymmetrical design with large, irregularly shaped Baroque pearls. Tiny diamonds and gold spikes are attached to their mother-of-pearl surface using a special technology. For this series, the Grusha Diamonds brand was awarded the Junwex international jewelry award.

The brand’s aesthetics are most clearly revealed by luxurious jewelry with noticeable colored stones. These include the Statement ring with 3.5 carats of tanzanite, and the Opera ring with a sparkling Fancy Light Yellow diamond weighing over 1.5 carats. The ring and asymmetrical pair of earrings from the “Green and Colorado” set combine delicate warm morganite and cold beryl surrounded by diamonds.

All these decorations became part of the new advertising campaign. Filming took place in Arkhangelskoye, near Moscow. The estate in the classicist style and the palace and park complex became an excellent setting for sophisticated aristocratic images, complemented by Grusha Diamonds products. Pastels, corsets, lace, airy tulle against the backdrop of the shady alleys of a regular park reminded us of scenes from favorite films about the life of the European nobility with their refined manners and pompous conversations over a cup of tea made from imperial porcelain.