4 phrases said by people who are afraid of taking up too much space

4 phrases said by people who are afraid of taking up too much space

Whether with their loved ones or in their professional life, some people fear taking up too much space. They then adopt certain phrases, which show their lack of self-confidence. Here are the ones, with explanations from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Through their words, some people materialize their lack of self-confidence. When a person fears taking up too much space, they typically adopt a certain type of phrase. Here are four examples and the decryption of Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

“If you are not interested, let me know”

This sentence makes it sound like you're expecting rejection” explains the expert. Particularly in the professional sphere. However, adds Siyana Mincheva “it is best and recommended to be positive and encourage a response, whatever it may be.”

“I’m sure you receive tons of emails like this…”

This sentence minimizes the importance of your own message and shows that you are neglecting the need and the help that can be given to you. “These words suggest that what you are proposing is not unique” adds the specialist. “This gives a negative image of the comments that will follow“. To be banned therefore.

“Don’t worry about me, ignore me”

Behind this sentence hides a lack of self-confidence“analyzes the psychologist.”The person is indirectly saying that they do not consider themselves important and that they are withdrawing or even self-sabotaging. It’s really essential to learn to promote yourself and learn to trust yourself because everyone has talents and potential.”

“Sorry for talking so much”

This sentence is double because it shows a fear of disturbing and at the same time an expectation of support. HAS“Instead of using it, we can synthesize the information because the messages we transmit determine the behavior of others around us.” expose Siyana Mincheva.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Where does the fear of taking up too much space come from and how can you fix it?

When interviewed, the psychologist explains that people afraid of taking up too much space have often had emotionally absent parents or narcissistic parents, who can consciously or unconsciously encourage this type of behavior. “If your parent ignored or neglected you, you received the message that you were not important and not worthy of a place in the world.” continues the expert.

For example, if parents neglected you, criticized you, belittled you, deprived you of their love, you grew up with a lack of confidence and you learned to minimize yourself and think that your existence does not matter.“.

As a result, this can cause anxiety or depressive disorders. “This is why waking up and recognizing the problem is crucial, because without this awareness, patterns of behavior and attitudes will not change.”. For the expert, “self-affirmation is the driving force. Thanks to affirmation we learn to respect ourselves and to value ourselves and to believe in ourselves!” she concludes.