4 (sometimes dangerous) consequences of a lack of self-esteem

4 (sometimes dangerous) consequences of a lack of self-esteem

Self-confidence is crucial for each of us. This is what allows us to dare and subsequently feel pride in what we have accomplished. But what happens when, on the contrary, we lack self-confidence? The answers of Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist.

Self-confidence is an essential feeling for each of us. She “allows you to value yourself and feel capable of taking action.” defines psychologist Amélie Boukhobza. But to do this you have to acquire it while growing up, to have it as an adult.a sufficient base of self-confidence, deep within oneself”. If this is not the case, beware! Because lack of self-confidence will eventually show up in your behavior and your feelings.

Lack of self-confidence can have negative consequences

A lack of self-confidence can manifest itself in different ways, detailed by our expert.

Not having self-confidence can generate fear, that is to say both a distrust of the outside world, people… but also a fear of oneself and one’s abilities, in action. states the specialist. “This can make us cautious and discourage us from taking action, in all areas (romantic, professional, etc.)“.

This fear, anchored in daily life, will itself have harmful consequences. “It can push, initially, to avoid new horizons, it prevents you from acting or doing certain things. notes the psychologist.

Then gradually, in extreme cases, it will push you to close in on yourself completely.” explains the expert. We then refuse invitations to go out, to meet friends or potential partners.

At this stage, another negative feeling appears: shame. In addition to isolating ourselves, we feel ashamed of doing this. “We will then have a tendency to constantly compare ourselves to others, to devalueto demean oneself and to feel inferior” indicates Amélie Boukhobza.

Good in his body, good in his head!

How to strengthen your self-confidence?

To avoid getting to this point, you need to boost your self-confidence. This happens through the fact “to know yourself well enough, both your strengths and your weaknesses” specifies our expert. “Thus, it will be possible to use one’s qualities in areas where one feels less comfortable”.

Then, you also have to “challenge” yourself regularly, by leaving your comfort zone. “We can set new reasonable and achievable goals, to gradually gain skills and strengthen our feeling of being capable (of doing this or that thing), without forgetting to celebrate successes, even the smallest.” advises Amélie Boukhobza.

Finally, the psychologist recommends sharing group activities with other people you value, in order to feel appreciated by them in return. Without forgetting the essential: taking care of yourself through a healthy eating lifestyle, regular physical exercise but also breathing exercises. So many elements which will also help to improve self-confidence.