5 effective little things to do urgently to improve your daily morale according to our psychologist

5 effective little things to do urgently to improve your daily morale according to our psychologist

Because of a breakup, the loss of a job or the days are getting shorter, you are not in good spirits… Follow the advice of Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist, to see life on the bright side thanks to five little things to do every day.

Morale is something that fluctuates: it can be high or low, depending on the day or events in life. To easily boost your morale, here are 5 tips from our expert Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist.

Stay tuned to your emotions

This may seem basic, but very often we don’t take the time to listen to ourselves. “Staying tuned to your emotions means detecting these moments of less well and making sure to hear them, to get better later.” explains Johanna Rozenblum.

Take time for yourself

Women around forty take very little time for themselves. However, it is essential to feel good and face everyday life. “To feel good, you have to do things you love. And for that, you have to take time for yourself” adds the psychologist. “This can be doing sports, reading, going out or taking care of yourself at home… Doing what we like, in short.”.


Meditation has many benefits, including boosting our morale. “By meditating, we become aware of our body, our health, all of our resources. Enough to boost our morale!” says our expert.

Treat yourself to small pleasures

Treat yourself to the latest coveted bag, go see the film or artist you’ve been waiting for for months… For morale, there’s nothing like treating yourself to small pleasures. “It can also be less expensive things, like a croissant from the local bakery or a book found at a flea market” adds our expert. There’s nothing like treating yourself to lift your spirits.

Maintain good social relationships

Finally, when you’re feeling down, relying on a close friend can be a lifesaver. “With a close, trusted friend, we can confide in each other, discuss what is undermining us.“. After that, we’ll be better, for sure.

And if your morale really remains at its lowest, despite all your efforts, the help of a specialist should be considered.