5 foods not to give your children during the holidays

5 foods not to give your children during the holidays

On holiday meal evenings, we can be less careful about what the children will eat. However, there are foods that are absolutely not recommended for them, especially under the age of five. Here are the ones, according to virologist Océane Sorel, @thefrenchvirologist, on Instagram.

The holiday meals are approaching and the tables are on this occasion, richly garnished with products that we do not necessarily consume the rest of the year. If you have young children, be aware that there are certain foods that it is not recommended to give them, especially when they are under five years old.

Raw foods should not be given to young children

If you are planning to eat this type of product during your Christmas or New Year’s meal, you will need to think about an alternative menu for your children. In fact, it is particularly not recommended to give them:

  • Sushi, smoked salmon and all raw fish;
  • Beef carpaccio, tartare and all raw meats, not forgetting minced steaks cooked rare;
  • Chocolate mousse and mayonnaise, which also contain raw eggs;
  • Oysters and other seafood eaten raw;
  • Roquefort or brie, but also all other raw milk cheeses.
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Why are these foods not recommended before five years of age?

These foods cannot be given to them because “young children are particularly sensitive to toxic infections and can cause serious illness after ingesting certain microbes contained in raw (or undercooked) foods. explains Océane Sorel.

Children can therefore develop symptoms while the parents will not necessarily have symptoms and will have eaten the same thing. This is explained by the fact that a small quantity of microbes is enough to sicken young children who do not necessarily have the same weapons as adults to fight them. I am thinking here in particular of bacteria (such as Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella) which can be found in food. adds the specialist. For Océane Sorel, raw milk and raw or undercooked meat are also not recommended for children between 5 and 10 years old.

Cooking destroys dangerous germs

The virologist warns against “some of these bacteria, which produce toxins which can make children very ill, but also certain adults, particularly immunocompromised people or pregnant women who are also more sensitive to toxic infections“.

In the most serious cases, these toxins can pass into the blood, attack different organs and cause failures which can lead to death. To avoid any risk, these foods must be cooked: well-cooked meats and fish, pasteurized milk or cooked cheeses can be eaten by children without any problem.

Children's favorite foods: make the right choices!

Slide: Children’s favorite foods: make the right choices!