5 quick solutions to warm your hands and feet

5 quick solutions to warm your hands and feet

Do you often have frozen hands and feet in winter? Here are 5 tips to overcome it and warm up gently.

Rub one’s hands

The first reflex to have when you can no longer feel your toes or fingers? Rub one’s hands.

Rubbing your hands activates blood circulation and increases temperature“, confirmed Dr. Gérald Kierzek, TipsForWomens’s medical director.

But be careful not to rub too much,”especially in cases of frostbite or frostbite“, specifies the medical director of TipsForWomens. Areas that are already weakened must in fact be spared from any friction or exposure to heat.

Put on socks

To warm up hands and feet that are a little too cold, socks prove to be real allies.

Wool socks or wool gloves are useful for keeping warm. Patients with syndrome Raynaud must wear them even if it is not very cold. An underlayer, like a t-shirt under a sweater for example, also allows air to be interposed and retains the heat produced by the body.“, confides the doctor.

Take a hot bath

The hot bath is great for getting rid of frozen hands and feet.

However, be careful of the risk of burns. Always check the water temperature by dipping your elbow or wrist in it before diving.“, advises Dr. Kierzek.

Put a hot water bottle

We often forget it, but this grandmother’s tip is extremely effective.

Putting a hot water bottle in your bed, under the sheets is ideal for warming your hands or feet. Gentle heat has the particularity of diffusing gradually“, notes Dr Gérald Kierzek.

Be careful, however, not to burn yourself with the said hot water bottle. It should not be applied directly to the skin but placed in a cover provided for this purpose or under a blanket. The cap of the hot water bottle must also be tightly closed.

Put on a blanket

Finally, the simplest but surely the most effective tip is to sneak under a duvet.

To warm up, there’s nothing better than slipping under a blanket.”confirmed Dr. Kierzek.