Seven interesting facts about the perfume brand Atelier Rebul

Seven interesting facts about the perfume brand Atelier Rebul


The brand is from Istanbul, but appeared thanks to the French pharmacist Jean-Cesar Reboul. He visited the city while on his way to Trabzon to visit his father, who worked there as an engineer. Rebul immediately liked the Turkish capital with its noise, brightness and aromas. He chose a place on Pera (Istiklal) Street in the Beyoglu district, where he opened one of the first Turkish pharmacies, Grande Pharmacie Parisienne (“Great Parisian Pharmacy”).


The heyday of the “Grand Pharmacy of Paris” came in the 1920s, when student Kemal Müderrisoglu came to work here as a pharmacist’s assistant. Three years later he graduated and became a pharmacist. The friendly duo began working together, and in 1936 Kemal became a full partner – they even changed their name to Kemal ve Reboul Eczanesi (“Kemal and Reboul’s Pharmacy”).

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The popularity of the pharmacy was brought not by medicines or body care products, but by Rebul Lavanda cologne, which appeared in 1938. The first episode was tiny, but it sold out instantly. Hairdressers began to buy cologne – and Istanbul men began to smell the scent of cold, tart lavender, which Jean Reboul personally grew. In 1981, the cult status of the fragrance was confirmed by the gold medal of the International Center for Quality Control of Cosmetic Products.

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A year after the release of Rebul Lavanda, the French perfumer decided to return to his homeland, leaving his favorite business in the hands of a friend. To pay tribute to his mentor, Müderrisoglu changed the name to Rebul Pharmacy.


The company has become a family business. Müderrisoglu’s children were trained in famous European companies and became the creators of various fragrances and collections. In 2013, Nyket Filiba became a partner of Rebul Pharmacy and the company received a new name – Atelier Rebul. In Europe, Atelier Rebul is exclusively represented in the Rive Gauche perfumery and cosmetics chain.


Today Atelier Rebul is a chain of mono-brand boutiques that, in addition to perfumes, sell soaps, shower gels, body care products, cosmetics, scented candles and home perfumes. To create candles, the brand team spends a long time developing compositions, selecting the herbal composition and cotton wick, and pouring the candles by hand. A candle with the Bereket scent, which combines notes of pomegranate, cinnamon, cloves and patchouli, will help bring the atmosphere of the New Year’s holiday. Reed diffusers will not only help fill the space with aroma, but also, thanks to the elegant bottle, will decorate the interior.


The bestseller and calling card of the brand is the unisex fragrance Istanbul, which became the founder of the line of the same name. The woody-oriental composition, which personifies the ancient city, reveals aromas of spices such as bergamot, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron. In the heart, the East appears even brighter thanks to the riot of violet petals, jasmine, frangipani and black orchid. The powdery finish softly smolders with notes of vanilla, amber, musk, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood, intertwined with magnetic oud.