5 signs to spot on your wedding day that show your union won’t last

5 signs to spot on your wedding day that show your union won't last

It’s the big day: that’s it, you’re going to get married! If you’ve been waiting for this day all your life, know that it can be indicative of the strength of your relationship. Indeed, certain signs can sometimes show that your union is not going to last. Here are the ones, with Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Some people impatiently wait for this day: their wedding day. A true consecration for them, this day can also represent a simple formality for others. In any case, the wedding celebration leaves no one indifferent and can even show if your union is made to last. What are the signs to spot? Siyana Mincheva, psychologist, enlightens us.

One of the two members of the couple seems elsewhere

When you get married, you look forward to spending a memorable day in the company of your friends and family, but also – and above all – with your other half. If this is not the case, this may reveal a dark side to your union. “If, for example, the bride behaves in an egocentric or distant manner with her fiancé, this is a sign of a bad union. explains the psychologist.

Families are too opposed

According to Siyana Mincheva, having families that are too opposed is not a good sign. “When the families of the spouses are too different, there is the risk that the behavior of the guests turns into a nightmare during the ceremony. she explains.

A spouse’s agreement that seems false

We can notice heavy silences, poor communication between the two members of the couple on the wedding day. “There are couples who have scenes of jealousy, due to lack of self-confidence. Sometimes it’s not arguments, but simply silences, there is no effort made to take into account the wishes of your partner, this is also a bad sign. indicates the expert.

The personalities of the bride and groom are opposite

They say that opposites attract, but also “like attracts like”. The second saying works better for married life. “Indeed” explains Siyana Mincheva, “lOn the wedding day, the bride and groom may realize that their personalities clash radically, which creates a gap that they will not be able to overcome..

The bride and groom do not plan for marriage

This sign can be noticed as soon as you prepare for the big day. “This involves, for example, finding it ridiculous to get married or to participate in a traditional ceremony” indicates the expert. “It is essential to be in agreement before starting” she concludes.