5 signs you need time for yourself

5 signs you need time for yourself

Do you lead a life at 200 miles an hour? It is essential to take time for yourself… At the risk that your body and your morale will make you feel it. Discover 5 signs that you need to take a break!

When you have to manage your professional and family life, it is easy to forget yourself completely by worrying too much about others. However, it is essential to take care of yourself, sometimes spending some time alone. Indeed, a person who does not allow himself this time to recharge runs the risk of becoming exhausted, both emotionally and physically. Over a long period of time, this fatigue can lead to disorders such as depression or burn-out.

Certain signs sent by your body or your mind are not misleading. They reveal that you are doing too much and need to take better care of yourself. If you recognize yourself among these signs, then it is surely time to take a little time to take care of yourself!

1) Nothing seems fun anymore

The first indicator that you need time for yourself is that you are pessimistic. Things around you don’t seem happy to you and you complain internally about everything and nothing. However, these same facts that irritate you could have excited and motivated you in normal times. “Your mind is simply signaling to you that it needs to recharge its batteries and regain energy to move forward and thus re-motivate itself,” explains psychology professor Timothy J. Legg to the site. Healthline. To recharge your batteries, a multitude of activities are possible such as going to the library, listening to a podcast, music or even taking a walk in nature.

2) Your appetite is disrupted

Do you want to eat anything and everything? This is called emotional hunger. This differs from physiological hunger which is a need. Emotional hunger occurs when we are particularly stressed, sad, or angry. It is more of an impulse desire and often any delicacy from the kitchen goes there! In this case, the goal is to eat to relieve a certain discomfort. According to the psychologist, “the person who eats according to his emotions seeks to escape through food”.

3) You are at the end of your rope and fall for a detail

Normally, you may find it easier to remain calm, even in the face of heavy responsibilities. However, when you need time for yourself, simple little things can annoy you, sometimes to the point of overwhelming you. Stress and anxiety can make a person more easily irritable over small things. For example, if your dish is missing an ingredient, you may be dramatic and tell yourself that the recipe is ruined. Likewise, you may burst into tears because you forgot to buy a product on your way home from shopping. This type of behavior shows that you need to take time for yourself.

4) You fall for your loved ones

Sometimes noises or questions from your loved ones become particularly annoying. You can no longer stand your child running around the house, or your partner who keeps asking you questions that seem stupid to you? These signs reveal that your limit has been reached and you really need a break. To avoid being unpleasant with them, it is important that you take a little time alone, in another room. This moment will first allow you to relax, by reading a few pages of a book, stroking your cat, or meditating for example. This moment is also an opportunity to think about the problem and define what you really need at that moment.

Another important bridge: don’t forget to apologize to your loved ones, if necessary, when the moment has passed!

Good in his body, good in his head!

5) You want to escape

A final sign that you need to take some time for yourself is that you want to escape. According to Canadian psychologist Robert Coplan, author of a study on the subject: “Too little time spent alone can lead to feelings of stress, depression or mood swings similar to those generated by loneliness.” This way, your body sends you a signal to invite you to take a little time away from everyday life with your loved ones.

Whether it’s doing a workout, taking a hot bath or going on a solo outing, you just have to find what really makes you feel good! By spending this time in your own company, it is very likely that you will return to your loved ones, refreshed, peaceful and more like yourself.