5 Signs You’re Lacking Calcium

5 Signs You're Lacking Calcium

Fractures, cramps, dull hair… Different symptoms can reveal the presence of a calcium deficiency. The list of those to spot with Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

Hypocalcemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low blood calcium levels. Although it is relatively common, it should not be taken lightly. Acute hypocalcemia can cause serious symptoms that require hospitalization. To prevent it, detecting the symptoms in advance is therefore essential.

Brittle nails

Are your nails starting to break? Be careful, it could be a lack of calcium.

If hypocalcemia can manifest itself in different ways, brittle nails are one of the revealing symptoms.“, assures Alexandra Murcier.

Dull hair

Calcium deficiency can make hair dull, and on an even more significant level, it can lead to hair loss.

Dull hair is therefore a warning sign to be taken seriously“, warns our nutrition expert.


When the calcium level drops further, cramps may appear“, reveals the dietitian-nutritionist.

These relatively frequent muscle cramps can sometimes be accompanied by confusion, depressive symptoms, memory problems, tingling in the lips, fingers and feet as well as stiffness.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain should prompt consultation because it can hide a chronic and severe calcium deficiency.

When hypocalcemia progresses further, muscle pain occurs.“, confirms Alexandra Murcier.


When advanced, hypocalcemia leads to bone demineralization. Result ? The risk of fractures is increased.

Fractures due to demineralized bones are common“, confirms our nutrition expert.

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How to spot hypocalcemia?

Self-monitoring your body’s signs is not enough.

To detect a lack of calcium, you should not rely on the various potential symptoms, but take a blood calcium test.“, explains our specialist.

You will then need to take calcium and vitamin D supplements to remedy this, while favoring foods rich in calcium. “LDairy products, oilseeds, mineral waters and certain vegetables are rich in calcium“, explains Alexandra Murcier. Discover a more complete list below.

The foods richest in calcium: dairy products... and all the others!

Slide: The foods richest in calcium: dairy products… and all the others!