5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships in 2024

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships in 2024

Between work, screens and the stress of daily life, it is easy to put aside those close to you. How in this context can we strengthen our friendly, romantic or family ties? Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist, answers us.

Get out of our screens

In the connected era, relationships are becoming more and more complex.

I see it every day in my consultations“, explains Amélie Boukhobza. “So why not try to get out from behind our screens (computer, tablet and phone) and return to real life? Meeting others…” To do this, “We start by getting off our phone where we are able to scroll for hours!”, advises the expert.

Talk to each other (really)

Forgotten the eternal question “Are you doing well ?” without listening to the answer.

We need to “really” talk to each other. That is to say, being interested in the other, asking them how they are, listening to them, exchanging, interacting, sharing with authenticity and without a mask. Whatever the nature of the relationship, whether marital, friendly or family…”, confides the psychologist.

Organize reunions

The idea here? Take the time to find yourself, take some breaths with your loved ones.

We offer and organize reunion moments: an aperitif, a movie, an exhibition, a dinner, a shared activity… Anything that will promote connections and encourage exchanges“, reveals the expert.

To support

By offering support to loved ones, emotional bonds are strengthened.

We are here for the difficult times of course, but also for the good times. We hug each other if necessary, we congratulate each other, we also compliment each other.” recalls Amélie Boukhobza.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Say we love them

It’s a fact, by expressing your love loud and clear, you strengthen emotional bonds with your loved ones.

I think of the words of Louis Chedid in this song that I love… the youngest will perhaps not know it: “we never tell the people we love enough, that we love them”… go listen to it in full, it’s worth it!“, concludes our expert enthusiastically.