6 beauty essentials to find in pharmacies

6 beauty essentials to find in pharmacies

Do you want to renew your skincare routine but don't know where to start? Certain products stand out in the pharmaceutical landscape. Decryption.

With the arrival of sunny days, our skin can sometimes dry out and present specific needs: soothing products (after-sun lotions), lighter moisturizers, exfoliants and gentle gels that do not dry out the skin… For the to best support this change of season and help it regain radiance, TipsForWomens presents 6 gems spotted in pharmacies.

The 6 clean products that caught our eye

1. Laino facial stick masks

For rebalanced, boosted and soothed skin, the new Laino stick masks offer a soothing and revitalizing care experience, formulated from rigorously selected ingredients of natural origin. €12.90 – Stick 65 gr.

2. The Hei Poa rechargeable facial sun stick

Head for sunny days with the 1st rechargeable facial sun stick! With its sweet Monoï scent, it regenerates the skin while providing effective and pleasant sun protection. 15gr: €13.50.

3. The detox treatment soap from Le Comptoir du Bain

The secret to soothed and softened skin with detox treatment soap, suitable for sensitive and reactive skin and enriched with oat and hemp milk, ideal for both the body and face! €12.50 – 400ml.

4. Laino gentle moisturizing scrub

Sensitive and dehydrated skin finally has the “peeling” it deserves! The gentle moisturizing scrub exfoliates the skin while restoring suppleness, comfort and luminosity thanks to 4 high-performance active ingredients. €8.25 – 75ml.

5. Hei Poa organic coconut nourishing body milk

Gourmet escape with nourishing organic coconut body milk! Creamy and light, it softens and offers intense hydration with its organic coconut oil and shea butter. €14.90 – 200mL.

6. Le beauty collagen vital proteins

No more classic creams, the new era of anti-aging care is embodied by an exquisite powder with a strawberry-lemon flavor! Beauty Collagen Vital Proteins powder, rich in collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, offers a unique anti-aging solution, health and beauty of hair and nails guaranteed! €44.90 – 271g.