6 Korean rules to adopt in everyday life to be happier

6 Korean rules to adopt in everyday life to be happier

How to be happier? Koreans reveal to you the secrets they implement in their daily lives in order to be more fulfilled, with themselves and their loved ones. TipsForWomens explains 6 rules from Jeong.

To be happy, Korean society relies on a method specific to them: Jeong. This ancestral method that the Korean people have used for more than 2000 years is an integral part of their culture and allows them to live happily longer. So, this guide gives you 6 rules to apply on a daily basis. These are mainly based on the relationships you have with those close to you.

1/ Give quality time to your loved ones

One of the fundamental rules of Jeong is to enjoy your loved ones. It is important to preserve moments with each of them. It doesn’t matter the frequency, whether daily, weekly or monthly, only the quality of the moment really matters. The goal is to strengthen bonds with the people you love and share experiences with them. To do this, it is important to ensure that you fully connect with others, to be receptive and attentive without external distractions.

2/ Be generous

Another important habit to be happier is to be generous with those around you. Whether in family, at work or in everyday life, do not hesitate to offer attention to others. Even small, these actually mean a lot. For example, you can cook for a friend, listen to a colleague who confides, pass on your knowledge to a child, share adviceā€¦

3/ Open up to other cultures

Jeong also advises opening up to different cultures. Take advantage of others to learn a language, taste culinary specialties from around the world, discover new traditions. Any type of activity shared with others will enrich you and be beneficial for your well-being.

4/ Get involved in your community

At school, with your neighbors, in your new business, it is beneficial to take an interest in your environment and your community. This involves organizing joint meals or welcoming new arrivals to your work, for example. Also make sure to maintain your social circle daily by checking in on your friends, offering them activities or inviting them to dinner at your place.

5/ Be authentic in your relationships

This is an important point for living peacefully in your relationships. Jeong encourages honesty and authenticity. So don’t be afraid to express your feelings, emotions and thoughts. This won’t make you vulnerable as you might think, but you will surely gain a better understanding of yourself and others. Beyond that, putting aside the fear of the unknown is an opportunity to create new opportunities for yourself and live life to the fullest.

6/ Live the present moment

The last Korean rule that will help you be happier is to live in the present moment. It is advisable to consider the moment you are experiencing, without dwelling on the past or thinking about the future. These incessant thoughts could be parasitic in the long term. So when you spend time with someone, listen carefully to their responses and avoid distractions like the phone. These few tips will allow you to focus on the other person, avoid superficial conversations and thus strengthen bonds.