6 ready-made expressions (deciphered by our psychologist) to ban in the office

6 ready-made expressions (deciphered by our psychologist) to ban in the office

In the office, have you ever uttered “ready-made” sentences without thinking about the consequences? Big mistake. Here are the 6 awkward expressions to ban.

“I'm underwater”, “I'm in a cart”, “Good luck!”… Many expressions populate our professional conversations, texts and emails. While some are justified and allow us to show empathy or seriousness, others end up impacting (negatively) on our behavior and that of others.

“Counterproductive” or “irritating” phrases

Certain standard expressions in the office can be perceived as counterproductive or even irritating“, recalls Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

This is why these “ready-made” phrases – which you use and abuse on a daily basis – must be excluded from the office or living room, for teleworkers.

Otherwise, there is the risk of annoying more than one person!

Expressions to ban from your language

According to our psychologist expert, the following expressions should be put aside:

  • “Not to put pressure on you, but…” This expression immediately creates a sense of urgency and stress“, explains Amélie Bouhkobza.
  • “We’ve always done it like this…”This phrase can discourage new ideas or indicate resistance to change.“, underlines our expert.
  • “That’s not my job.” “This expression can make you come across as someone who is disengaged or uncooperative. Even if this is true, it is still preferable to guide the person to the right person,” recalls the specialist.
  • “I guess it’ll be fine.”This assumption may convey a lack of confidence or commitment to the project or task at hand. indicates Amélie Bouhkobza.
  • “Honestly…” or “To be honest…”.These Phrases Unintentionally Imply That Other Times You Are Not“, reveals the psychologist.
  • “This is not the end of the world”. “That expression that downplays a colleague's concerns can make you come across as insensitive. Changing these language habits will only improve office communication and help create a healthier work environment.” concludes the expert.