6 signs you have a low opinion of yourself

6 signs you have a low opinion of yourself

Constantly devaluing yourself, thinking that others are better than you… Some people have a low opinion of themselves. What are the signs that show this? The answers of Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

What causes a person to have a distorted view of themselves? Is it because of a lack of self-confidence or that she compares herself too much to others? Or because it only retains its negative sides to the detriment of the rest? “It’s probably a bit of all three” believes Siyana Mincheva. Certain signs allow you to recognize these people. Here are them.

Spending too much time ruminating

Constantly rehashing the same thoughts is harmful, this is what we call mental ruminations. These are generally negative thoughts, which will pollute our mind and our image. “The image we have of ourselves varies considerably depending on the criteria we use to judge ourselves. added Siyana Mincheva. “And when we constantly judge ourselves, self-confidence decreases, this creates frustrations and we risk having a distorted image of ourselves.” specifies the expert.

Stay focused on the negative and judge yourself

If most of the time the negative thoughts we have about ourselves are irrational, over time they can generate anxiety which can disturb the person. “Self-criticism sabotages our talents and does not allow us to manifest our strengths. our specialist further indicates. “The idea is rather to learn to listen to yourself without judging yourself“.

Comparing yourself to others

By constantly comparing ourselves to others, we end up developing frustration, but also guilt. “This can result in a imposter syndrome, which makes us feel inferior to others” adds the psychologist.

A lack of objective point of view

Sometimes we just can’t see ourselves with the same indulgence we show to others. “This is, for example, having excessive expectations of ourselves, believing ourselves to be inferior to others and/or in society, in general.” note l’experte.

Living with limiting beliefs

This aspect is also part of having a distorted view of oneself. “We set limits, we don’t imagine ourselves doing this or that thing. We can talk here about the fear of failing“.

Good in his body, good in his head!

The fear of being yourself and the tendency to appear

This fear is linked to the lack of self-affirmation, it is also linked to the fear of being poorly perceived, underestimated, rejected. “For our well-being what matters most is listening to oneself, the search for a balance, which allows us to face our fears by realizing exactly what scares us advises Siyana Mincheva. “The keys to getting there are patience and determination“.