7 Dangers of Playing on Your Cell Phone Before Sleeping to Be Aware of

Gejala sleep inertia adalah pusing saat bangun tidur

Some of you may think that playing cell phone (HP) before bed can help you feel sleepy and finally fall asleep soundly. However, in fact, the opposite is true, because there are many dangers to your health from playing on your cellphone before bed that you have to be aware of.

The dangers of playing on your cellphone before bed are something you have to be aware of

Smartphone It does provide many benefits for everyday life. However, you need to limit its use, because the negative impact of cellphones on health is also not small. The temptation to play on your cellphone while lying on a soft mattress is difficult to avoid. However, you should know that these electronic items can have bad effects if not used wisely.

The following are the various dangers of playing with your cell phone before sleeping for your health:

1. Inhibits sleep phases rapid eye movement (REM)

Phase rapid eye movement or REM is a sleep phase that is important for restoring the mind and body. In fact, this phase can strengthen memory, creative skills, and the ability to solve problems. If you play on your cellphone before sleeping, this phase might be disturbed.

If the body doesn’t get enough REM sleep, then… You You may feel dizzy and have difficulty concentrating the next day.

2. Disturbing thoughts before sleeping

Playing too much on your cellphone before bed can disturb your mind. The thing is, when you are fixated on what is on the screen, the brain becomes stimulated to be more active and alert.

In fact, just looking at your cellphone for a moment can stimulate the brain and make it difficult for us to fall asleep. You can even feel this effect after the cellphone is turned off.

3. Reducing the production of the hormone melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the body. The hormone melatonin has the task of “telling” the body when to sleep and when to wake up.

According to a Education, the production of the hormone melatonin can be hampered due to exposure to blue light emitted by cellphone screens. When the production of the hormone melatonin is hampered, you can experience insomnia, fatigue during the day, and even become irritable.

4. Makes you alert

How can we fall asleep soundly when our alertness increases? According to researchers at Harvard University, the negative impact cell phone Played before bed can make you feel more alert and ultimately make you delay bedtime.

5. Makes you feel tired when you wake up

Still from the same study, researchers stated that playing on your cellphone before bed can make you wake up feeling tired, sleepy and groggy in the morning.

6. Wake up late

It is believed that the habit of reading books or news on your cellphone screen before going to bed can make you wake up late, compared to reading a physical book directly.

7. Damages circadian rhythm

Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm to regulate wake and sleep times. This cycle is regulated by the hormone melatonin. Normal circadian rhythms will make you awake when there is bright light from the sun and sleepy and then sleep when the sunlight is gone. When this cycle is broken, it will be difficult for you to sleep.

Well, playing too much on your cellphone before bed can disrupt your circadian cycle. The cause is blue light, aka blue light emitted by the cellphone screen. This light is similar to sunlight, so when you are exposed to a lot of blue light, your body will think it is still daytime, so it will be difficult to feel sleepy and fall asleep.

To minimize this impact, you can use features dark mode the one on the cell phone.

When is it best to stop playing on your cellphone before going to bed?

So that you don’t have trouble sleeping, you should stop playing on your cellphone or gadget others an hour or two earlier. Replace activities before bed with calming activities, for example taking a warm bath, meditating, or reading a book. That way, you can sleep more soundly and with better quality.

If you’re the type who finds it hard to stop playing on your cellphone before bed, you can keep it out of reach. Storing it in another room or drawer that is out of reach of your hands when you are in bed might be a solution.

You are also advised to set your cellphone in mode silent so that your rest time is not disturbed by notifications.

Notes from TipsForWomens

If not stopped immediately, the habit of playing on your cellphone before bed can damage the quality of your sleep and threaten your health. Therefore, try to find other activities that can help you sleep soundly.

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