7 Exercise Movements That Are Safe to Do After Giving Birth

After giving birth, generally the body will return to its original shape within a few weeks. However, some people may not lose weight quickly, especially when the mother still has to breastfeed and needs a lot of nutritional intake. So, you want to get thin again quickly and start exercising regularly. So when is the right time to exercise after giving birth?

In order to avoid the bad effects that could arise, several aspects need to be considered if you want to exercise after giving birth.

The right time to exercise after giving birth

When can you start exercising after giving birth? Generally, exercise can be done around 6 weeks after giving birth. However, the right time to return to exercise postpartum is influenced by many factors, ranging from the level of injury, complications, to the method of delivery.

Normally, exercise after Normal delivery can be done in the first or second week after delivery. Meanwhile, if you have a cesarean delivery, you can do light exercise 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Make sure you consult with your doctor first, to determine when is the right time for you to return to exercise after giving birth.

Want to Exercise After Giving Birth? This is something you need to pay attention to

Recommendations for exercise after giving birth

After giving birth, you are advised to do exercise with basic movements first. Following sports movement recommendations After giving birth, what you can do to restore fitness:

1. Walk

Walking is one of the easiest sports to do to restore fitness after giving birth. Start with a leisurely walk before then increasing the intensity and speed.

Adding weight by carrying your baby while walking will provide additional benefits for the body. It should be noted that walking while holding a baby can only be done when your balance has completely recovered.

As a variation, you can also walk backwards or in a zig zag pattern to train muscle response.

2. Abdominal muscle training

Easy to do, Abdominal muscle exercises help relax the muscles. Apart from that, this exercise can also strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. To do it, you just need to sit up straight and take a deep breath.

Contract and hold your stomach when inhaling, then exhale the inhaled air in a relaxed manner. You can increase the strength of the contractions and the time you hold your stomach gradually to get more benefits.

3. Back muscle training

One exercise after giving birth is back muscle training
This movement is similar to sit ups but done in stages

This exercise has movement like sit up but done in stages. Apart from helping strengthen your back muscles, this exercise can tone your abdominal muscles and burn calories.

For the starting position, lie on your back on the floor with your arms right next to your body. Bend your knees, then make sure the soles of your feet and back are flat on the floor.

In this position, inhale and relax your stomach. As you exhale, slowly lift your head and neck.

After that, lower your head to the floor as you inhale again. If you succeed in doing it 10 times, you can continue with the shrugging movement.

The principle is the same, you start by lying down then take a deep breath. Raise your head to your shoulders while exhaling. Repeat up to 10 times.

Next, you can continue by lifting your head to your shoulders at the same time as lifting your legs to your knees.

Hold that position for 2 to 5 seconds. Exhale when lifting your body, then breathe in air again when your body is in a relaxed position.

4. Kneeling pelvic tilt

Exercise after giving birth to relieve back pain
This movement helps tighten the stomach and relieves back pain

Quoted from Mayo Clinicmovement pelvic tilt can help tighten and shrink your sagging stomach after giving birth. Besides that, kneeling pelvic tilt Useful for relieving back pain. To do this movement, start by getting into a crawling position.

Make sure your back is relaxed, but not arched. When inhaling, pull your buttocks forward and hold for 3 seconds before returning it to its original position.

5. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises help tighten the pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. In addition, this movement reduces the risk of urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) which usually makes you wet the bed easily after giving birth. To do this exercise, the movement is done as if you are holding in urination.

When urinating, try to hold your pubic muscles. Expel urine again once you know, feel, and control that muscle.

When not urinating, do exercises by contracting, holding, and releasing these muscles. Do it three times a day with 10 repetitions per session.

6. Lie down with your head raised

Another exercise movement after giving birth that you can try is lying down while lifting your head until your feet touch the floor.

You can lie down and then bend your arms and knees. Next, slowly inhale and relax your stomach while exhaling and lifting your head and neck off the floor.

Next, slowly lower your head and neck again while inhaling. Repeat this movement up to 10 times with the same breathing technique.

7. Train at the gym

If you want to shrink your stomach and make it slim again after giving birth, you can start a gym routine several days a week. However, make sure this is done gradually after at least 6 weeks postpartum, OK? Before returning to sports gymyou should also consult a doctor first to determine the type of exercise gym what is appropriate.

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What are the requirements for doing exercise after giving birth?

If the birth process is carried out normally, the most important condition for exercising after giving birth is that you do not experience complications during pregnancy. Apart from that, this activity can also be done if your birth process does not cause health problems.

Once you are sure that you are healthy and feel ready, you can start exercising. However, don’t force yourself too hard to do complex movements. You should also stop if pain occurs during exercise.

To prevent injury and unwanted complications, here are several other rules that you must pay attention to if you want to exercise after giving birth:

1. Start slow

Take advantage of the first six weeks by doing exercise aimed at restoring your fitness after giving birth. For starters, you can focus exercises to restore the pelvic area. After that, you are allowed to do more complex sports gradually.

2. Don’t overdo it

Do exercise after giving birth gradually and not excessively. So, do exercise with simple movements first before training for a marathon or taking a yoga class. Even though it seems slow, exercising according to your ability is the right way to restore your post-natal condition.

3. Don’t forget to rest

After spending a lot of time exercising, don’t forget to rest. Of course, your fitness condition still hasn’t fully recovered after giving birth. Apart from getting enough rest, also pay attention to nutritional intake for your body through food.

Meanwhile, you have to wait until your health condition has completely recovered if you do childbirth caesarexperience vaginal problems, or suffer from other health problems after giving birth.

To avoid the effects, consult your doctor first regarding when is the right time to start exercising.

Notes from TipsForWomens

Postnatal exercise provides many benefits for the body, one of which is restoring fitness. However, you must ensure that your condition has completely recovered before doing so.

Apart from that, you also shouldn’t do this activity excessively. To avoid the bad effects that can occur, consult a doctor to get recommendations for the time and type of exercise that is right for you