7 signs that your partner loves you (without necessarily saying it)

7 signs that your partner loves you (without necessarily saying it)

A loving couple is not just about saying “I love you” or proving it to each other with surprising gestures. In most cases, this results in small, innocuous actions that say much more than expected. Here are 7 signs that he or she really likes you, noted by the Australian magazine Hack Spirit. What if you opened your eyes?

Do you sometimes doubt the intensity of the feelings your partner has towards you? After all, you are no longer entitled to long, fiery declarations and everyday life has been able to overcome your great proofs of love. And yet, certain signs are not misleading. Here are 7 signs that someone cares about you deeply, even if they don’t say it out loud. Remember, sometimes small actions speak louder than pretty words.

He or she is always there for you

A person who cares about you doesn’t always have the right words, but is there in every situation. It is there when you are experiencing strong moments, as well as when you are going through a difficult period. She stays by your side to celebrate as well as to console you. An immutable, reliable presence, which says a lot about the importance he or she has for you.

He or she remembers the little things

The person who truly loves you may not be the one who showers you with gifts, but the one who remembers those little things you love. Your favorite dessert, the flavors you like, the item you’ve been looking for for a long time… Small memories that may seem insignificant, but which seem important because they are important to you.

He or she defends you when you are not there

A person who supports you and defends you even in your absence is a clear sign of attachment. This indicates that he or she values ​​you and your reputation enough to stand up for you even if you don’t know it.

He or she makes sacrifices for you

The sacrifices your partner may make sometimes go unnoticed, yet they are a sign that your well-being comes before their own comfort. This could be adjusting his own schedule to accommodate you, reviewing his priorities to be with you (getting up earlier to share a coffee when he could get up later), or even sacrificing one of his goals so that you can move forward yourself. It is an undeniable proof of attachment.

He or she is genuinely interested in your life

Subtle too, the interest shown or not in your daily life can say a lot about your partner’s feelings. A person who cares about you will tend to be really interested in you: how was your day, what is this book you are reading, were you able to sort out the little car problems, paperwork, that you started. This is not false curiosity or an excuse to chat, he or she is genuinely curious to know how you are.

He or she notices that you are not yourself

The person who truly loves you will often be the only one to know that something is wrong, to see a change in your attitude, despite your efforts to hide it. She listens to your emotions and doesn’t let herself be fooled.

He or she makes you feel important

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the greatest proof of love, your romantic partner is not trying to change you. On the contrary, he appreciates you for who you really are, recognizes your talents, accepts your faults, and better, gives you the impression through his presence and his desire to be with you of being special or important ( e).

Everyday attitudes that are far from being details

These attitudes, far from the declarations of love that we can see in films (and that we sometimes expect in our private lives) are just as much proof of real love for Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist and member of our research committee. experts.

“These details are not the end result! On the contrary, it is just as many little things, little touches, signs of respect, listening and support for others that demonstrate love” she admits. A way to show affection that must be cherished every day.

“Saying hello when we wake up and every time we meet during the day, it’s looking at each other, it’s taking ourselves from the other. The proof of love is precisely when everyday gestures are different habits” concludes our expert.