8 shrink tips to reduce your mental load

8 shrink tips to reduce your mental load

With the start of the school year, the resumption of activities, homework etc., the mental load is often at its height. But how to breathe and no longer feel overwhelmed by the different tasks to be performed? Johanna Rozenblum, psychologist, comes to our rescue!

The mental load, many complain about it, but few know how to offload it effectively. According to its definition, it would represent “an psychological burden that the management of domestic and educational tasks imposes, more particularly on women, causing physical and, above all, psychological fatigue. Do you recognize yourself in this fatigue? Maybe it’s time to do something.

Real daily risks

Eventually, the mental load can cause other ailments and affect your professional life, as well as your family. It is now known to be involved in certain burn-outs (exhaustion), anxiety, sleep problems… The fatigue generated would also be among the risk factors for heart problems but also for chronic diseases. At least, if the mental load is not entirely responsible, it contributes to poor general health.

Good in your body, good in your head!

8 ideas to lighten your mental load

For the psychologist Johanna Rozenblum consulted by TipsForWomens, there is a great principle to end this mental load, at least to lighten it as much as possible

What is necessary above all is to accept that one is not a super-man (or in this case a super-woman, the mental load being predominantly female Ed.) and to accept that one cannot not always achieve everything we had planned. Only then can we move forward by letting go” she advises.

Easier said than done? However, there are a few ideas to keep in mind to lighten up, which the psychologist reminds us of.

accept imperfection

It’s better by saying it, but you won’t manage to be a formidable business woman, a mother present at all times, an outstanding cook and a regular sportswoman, at the same time. Maybe you need to lower your gauge;

Avoid unreachable to-do lists

The problem with these lists is that they often accumulate too many tasks. In the end, they only generate frustration but also devaluation. It is better to give yourself two important tasks in the day, than to want to do too much;

To prioritize

Whether at work, with your family, or with yourself, try to prioritize the things to be done during the day, that is to say, to make the difference between what is imperative, what can be deferred in the time. You will only be better off for it;

Let go

The psychologist also tells us that sometimes it can be beneficial to let go completely on certain points. “Leave yourself alone with tasks that are not essential or mandatory”. So, yes, feeding your children or paying your bills are necessities. Mowing the lawn, or ironing the laundry can probably wait or be put aside. And too bad;

learn to say no

Sometimes, in order not to be overwhelmed by unattainable requests, it is enough to refuse. “No” is a word that you have to learn to pronounce at your workplace, as to your friends who ask you for yet another favor. If you can’t, you can’t!

Learn to delegate

Very often, we are caught in a vice between an intense mental load but the desire to do everything ourselves (because it goes faster, for example). However, for the psychologist, it is urgent to learn to delegate, and to share household tasks in particular. “And I’m not just talking about the spouse, but the whole family. Each child can have, according to his age, tasks to perform, which will relieve the mother” ;

Ask for help

No, asking for help when it gets complicated is not a shame and allows you to breathe. He therefore does not hesitate to solicit his entourage, his spouse, his colleague even before exhausting himself;

Take care of your mental health

A few minutes of meditation, reading, a canopy walk can also be included in your daily life as so many windows allowing you to breathe and take a step back from the goals of the day.