8 signs that show you are at peace with yourself

8 signs that show you are at peace with yourself

You may have already asked yourself the question: how to achieve a state of inner well-being, to the point of being at peace with yourself? Here are the signs that reflect this state, with Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Everyone longs to be at peace with others. But to go further, it is even more important to be at peace with yourself. What does that mean ? According to Siyana Mincheva, inner peace is “in connection with self-identification and to achieve it, it is important to know yourself well“. Here are eight signs that you are at peace with yourself.

Accept yourself fully

For Siyana Mincheva, being at peace with yourself means accepting yourself fully. “Fully accepting yourself allows for true self-transformation.” she explains. “This means allowing yourself to do things, daring to do, daring to say and ultimately seeking the best version of yourself to achieve greater well-being. We sublimate ourselves.”

Don’t constantly blame others

When we stay focused on reproaches, we push ourselves towards self-criticism. This creates resentment and ends up hurting one’s ego.” explains the psychologist. “When, on the contrary, we do not remain focused on the criticisms and remarks of others, it means that we are in the direction of inner peace” she adds.

Being true to your values

This is a key step: being loyal and faithful to your value system, and knowing it well, allows you to strengthen your self-confidence.” indicates the expert.

Not needing validation from others

“Not needing anyone to approve of what you do shows that you have a lot of self-confidence” specifies the psychologist. Whereas on the contrary, asking for approval as soon as you do something shows that you doubt yourself, which is opposed to inner peace.

Not seeking to be saved

Along the same lines, if a person constantly asks for help, they will not be able to be satisfied with their achievements or success. “This can affect different areas of life, a financial problem for which we ask for support, or on a professional level, at work… We will therefore have difficulty being at peace.” adds the expert.

Achieve self-affirmation

Self-affirmation is essential, according to Siyana Mincheva, to achieve inner peace. “During a conflict, for example, people who are assertive defend their rights, while being respectful of others and of the situation.. This goes hand in hand with knowing how to say no without problem, believes the specialist.

Avoid toxic people and let go of old conflicts

Often falling back into those moments where we dwell on the past and think about the conflicts we may have had prevents us from finding our inner peace. “A person who reacts like this does not want to suffer but does not put anything in place to avoid torment. indicates the psychologist. “She pulls herself down, instead of changing her attitude about the situation“. As Victor Franco, author of the book Logotherapy, says: “The only thing you can change in a difficult situation is your attitude.”. The important thing is not what happens to us but how we take it.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Have goals

It fuels our motivation, our self-confidence and our peace” explained Siyana Mincheva. “When we have goals, it allows us to feel alive and well on our life path. So yes, short or long term goals strengthen our inner peace” concludes the expert.