9 Examples of Harmonious Living at Home that Need to Be Applied in the Family

Living in harmony at home is every family’s dream. When family harmony is maintained, there are strong bonds at home.

Living in harmony at home certainly has a positive impact that is useful for every family member. In fact, the effect of living in harmony within a family can provide a better quality of life for each member.

Get to know what it means to live in harmony with examples in everyday life below.

What is the meaning of living in harmony?

Quoted from the body United Nations (UN), the meaning of living in harmony is accepting differences and being able to listen, be aware, respect and appreciate the people around us, including family at home.

Living in harmony can also be interpreted as the ability to live in harmony with oneself, other people, and living creatures around them.

Various examples of living in harmony at home

Living in harmony at home does not mean there are no problems and fights in it. In fact, living in harmony in a family can be seen from how to deal with the problems that arise.

Even though there are millions of families in the world, it turns out that there are similar characteristics of harmonious families throughout the world. This is also proven by research published in journals Marriage and Family Review. The following are the characteristics of a harmonious family:

1. There is appreciation and affection

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Jokes indicate the presence of love in the home

Affection is shown not just through words, but also proven by caring for each other.

For a family that lives harmoniously at home, appreciation is shown by showing respect to each member.

Apart from caring and mutual respect, appreciation and affection are shown through jokes and banter with the family.

The relationship between family members also feels more homely and feels like friendship.

2. Strong commitment

Commitment is defined as a sense of attachment within the family. In this case, a sense of trust between members is firmly embedded. Everyone in the family always maintains honesty. Because there is a harmonious bond, the family is willing to share with each other.

3. Positive communication

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Chat builds openness

Living in harmony at home is characterized by positive communication. This is shown by the praise given.

Apart from that, good communication is also built on openness in conveying true feelings. Family members don’t blame each other when something bad happens.

Harmonious family communication is also shown by a willingness to compromise when you want to say something.

Even though there may be things that are not agreed upon when compromising, family members do not force their will and tolerate these differences.

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4. Enjoy time together

The characteristics of a harmonious family can be seen if each member wants and will spend quality time chatting. Every moment with family is always precious.

In fact, to have a fun time together, the method you can do is simple. This characteristic is also followed by sharing fun times with each family member.

5. There is spiritual well-being

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There is a human value that means living in harmony at home

Living in harmony at home can also be seen from the growing hope in the family. Ethical values ​​and faith are also upheld. Likewise, human values ​​are always applied to family members.

6. Able to deal with problems effectively

When facing stress, harmonious families are able to see crises as challenges and opportunities. Instead of giving up, a harmonious family is able to adapt to changes due to problems that occur. The family is also willing to be open to facing changes and surviving the situation.

7. There are boundaries in the house

An example of living in harmony in a family that needs to be implemented is setting limits on several things.

Quoted from Bolt Counseling Services, parents need to set boundaries that are important to obey. For example, you should not discuss household problems or argue in front of your children so that your little one does not feel the bad effects.

8. Unconditional love

An example of harmonious living at home that cannot be forgotten is showing unconditional love.

It needs to be acknowledged, there are times when family members make mistakes. However, don’t let this mistake reduce your love for that family member.

This selfless love is an example of harmonious living in a family that needs to be implemented.

9. Able to express feelings between family members

One example of living in harmony at home that needs to be remembered is being able to express feelings between family members well.

When you or your child can express the feelings they have for each other, harmony and closeness for each family member can be maintained.

To implement a harmonious life in this house, try to have regular meetings at the dining table or living room to gather. Later, each family member can express their concerns or complaints.

Don’t just have negative feelings. You or your child can also express positive feelings, such as love and affection, in the meeting.

The benefits of living in harmony at home with family

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The benefits of family support make children confident

When you live in harmony at home, a harmonious family can be achieved. Of course, a harmonious family has a positive impact on every family member in it. The benefits of living in harmony in a family are:

1. Grow self-confidence

Research published in journals Innovation in Aging proves that living in harmony at home is demonstrated by a mutually supportive environment at home. Apparently, this creates a positive view of oneself. This can even improve a person’s welfare.

2. Improve social function

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Satisfaction at home improves social functioning

The benefits of living in harmony in a family are closely related to one of the characteristics of a harmonious family, namely positive communication. In this case, the family is able to be open when expressing their true feelings. Research published in journals Child and Adolescent Mental Health found, this is apparently closely related to greater satisfaction.

This research shows that this satisfaction can make a person function well in the social sphere. In fact, the effect of this ability is able to lead them to more rapid career progress.

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3. Reduces the risk of depression

When you live in harmony at home, a harmonious family is created and family members support each other. Research published in Journal of Happiness Studies shows that people who get full support from their families are less likely to suffer from depression.

This research also shows that support from friends and family can reduce the hassle, complexity and psychological pressure in daily life.

4. Increase communication effectiveness

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Being used to being frank at home makes communication effective

According to published books Centre for Social Research and Evaluation, Ministry of Social Development New Zealand, when maintaining family resilience so that they live in harmony at home, each family member is required to be able to convey something that is easy to understand. In this case, the message conveyed must be consistent and clear. The delivery must also be honest and specific.

Effective communication embodies the characteristics of harmonious family life, namely positive communication and being able to manage crises and stress effectively. Because, effective communication can only be carried out if family members are able to express their feelings openly. If this can be realized, then the family will be able to solve problems collaboratively.

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5. Sharpen children’s adaptability

Still based on the same book, when a family lives in harmony at home, family members are able to negotiate and compromise. This increases family resilience and has an impact on children’s ability to cope (coping) problem.

In this case, the ability to overcome problems in children is closely related to the ability to adapt to situations.

Tips for living in harmony at home

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Eating with the family as a way of living harmoniously at home

There are various strategies that can be used to live harmoniously at home. These tips are suitable for maintaining a harmonious family, both with your partner and your children. Here are tips for living in harmony at home that you can do:

  • Enjoy time togetherwhen all family members gather, take advantage of this time to rejoice together.
  • Exchange storiesthis can be done by asking how your child is after he comes home from school.
  • Invite to eat togethera study published in the journal Child Development found that eating with the family strengthens relationships between family members. Not only that, eating together provides an opportunity to communicate with your children so that they are monitored and avoid the risk of dangerous behavior.
  • Lower the intonationwhen talking, avoid raising your voice to create a calm home environment.
  • Avoid arguing with your partner in front of your children, This can trigger children to have difficulty concentrating while studying, causing behavioral problems, such as phobias.

Notes from TipsForWomens

Living in harmony at home is important to maintain family resilience. The characteristics can be seen from the presence of affection between family members to being able to manage stress and crises effectively.

Living in harmony within a family also provides a multitude of benefits, ranging from mental health benefits to effective communication skills.

If you have problems related to household harmony, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist who is an expert in family matters, OK!