9 Fascinating Facts About Conscientious People

9 Fascinating Facts About Conscientious People

Are you often told that you are conscientious? Studies have shown this personality type is associated with several “habits.” Find out if the results suit you!

A so-called “conscientious” person tends to be particularly diligent and organized in their daily life. According to the Big Five personality model, being conscientious means having great organizational skills as well as a high level of reliability and discipline. These criteria are often manifested by a very structured daily life punctuated by precise objectives.

Recent studies have shown the link between this personality trait and different aspects of daily life. Discover 9 facts about conscientious people!

They manage their finances better

According to a study published in Financial Planning Review, conscientious people tend to manage their finances better than the average. Organized and forward-thinking, they manage to save more easily than others.

They are less adapted to the urban lifestyle

Research published in Journal of Personality show that the urban environment exposes a person more to changes and unforeseen events in their daily lives. Thus, conscientious people will be less comfortable and fulfilled in an urban environment since this lifestyle will make planning and organization more difficult. They therefore generally prefer a more peaceful, rural lifestyle.

They are more careful

Conscientious individuals need to think long and hard before making a decision. Indeed, they take the time to analyze situations in detail and are therefore generally more cautious and hesitate more before acting. This is also the case when they have to make health-related decisions. According to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differencesconscientious people in particular tend to intensively examine the “pros” and “cons” before vaccinating themselves.

They feel less loneliness

A study of the newspaper European Journal of Personality shows that conscientious people are generally less faced with loneliness. Indeed, by being disciplined and organized, they would have an easier time maintaining their social relationships and therefore would rarely feel alone, compared to other personality types.

They care about others

Conscientious people have a taste for detail and are committed to serving others. Thus, according to research published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology, they are often very good in jobs related to customer service. Thanks to their qualities, their service is of better quality and the customers they care for are more satisfied.

They are more persistent

According to research, personality traits such as intelligence, ambition and being conscientious help young people better cope with their social disadvantages. The latter would be more perseverant and do not seem to be slowed down by a heavy workload. These qualities are key factors in overcoming the social challenges they may face.

They avoid jobs that are too flexible

An astonishing study published in Psychological Studies reveals that healthcare professionals tend to be less conscientious. The reason ? Their work requires flexibility as well as high adaptation skills. Thus, their routine is difficult to structure and, unlike conscientious people, they encounter difficulty in organizing their daily lives. A conscientious individual will then avoid this type of profession.

Their perfectionism decreases over time

If conscientious individuals are generally very perfectionistic, this personality trait would tend to decrease over time. Indeed, according to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Review, in the long term being too perfectionistic could increase stress in an individual. A high level of anxiety would prevent conscientious individuals from maintaining control of their lives. It is therefore to avoid this that they tend to abandon their “perfectionist” side over time.

Good in his body, good in his head!

They do not allow themselves to be influenced in matters of politics

A fascinating study has highlighted the connection between an individual’s personality and their reaction to political content they disagree with. According to the results, published in Personality and Individual Differences, conscientious individuals would hesitate to challenge political information contrary to their own. However, they would still be resistant and would not allow themselves to be influenced by comments contrary to their thoughts. Indeed, they are more likely to analyze what is said to them, to listen attentively in order to form their own opinion on the matter.

Thus all the results of these studies reveal a rich and complex portrait of conscientious individuals. They allow you to better understand how they work.