9 Safe and Effective Ways to Remove Armpit Hair

For some people, having long armpit hair can be detrimental to their appearance. But you don’t need to worry because there are quite a variety of ways to remove armpit hair, from those you can do yourself at home to those you can do by a dermatologist.

However, still understand that armpit hair actually has benefits for the skin because it can protect the skin from irritation due to friction when doing certain activities. So, if you want to remove armpit hair, choose a safe method so that skin health is not disturbed.

How to remove armpit hair

Some options for how to remove armpit hair include:

1. Shaving

Shaving armpit hair
Shaving armpit hair

The simplest way to clean armpit hair is to shave using a special tool. However, this method is the least effective because the hair will grow back quickly. Apart from that, shaving underarm hair also risks causing irritation or injury if the blade is not clean or has been used before.

2. Unplug

There are also people who choose to plucking armpit hair one by one or tweezing This method is more effective because the roots are also lifted. However, armpit hair will still grow back a few weeks later.

3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a medical method that can be used to prevent armpit hair from growing again. Electrolysis uses short wave radio frequencies which are distributed to the hair follicles via a needle.

The goal is to destroy the hair follicles so that new armpit hair does not grow. This method must be performed by a certified dermatologist or therapist.

Even though it claims to be able to remove armpit hair permanently, the electrolysis method will only be truly effective if it is continued with subsequent treatment. Most people need follow-up sessions every 1-2 weeks.

Electrolysis can be done on any part of the body, not just the armpits. The most frequent side effects are irritation such as pain and redness.

4. Laser

The laser method can also be a long-term way to remove armpit hair so that it doesn’t grow again. The target is hair follicles that are treated with a high-temperature laser so that they no longer grow hair. This method is considered most effective on light-skinned people with dark hair.

Just like electrolysis, the laser method cannot effectively remove hair in just one treatment session. There needs to be follow-up sessions 4-8 weeks apart.

Even after several sessions, there is still a possibility that armpit hair will grow back. It’s just that the color is lighter and the thickness is reduced. Side effects that can appear are irritation and redness, which will subside after a few hours.

5. Cream

Cream to remove underarm hair
Cream to remove underarm hair

The doctor can also prescribe a cream that is applied to the armpits periodically for 1 month. How the cream works like eflornithine is to inhibit the production of enzymes that stimulate hair growth.

According to studies, the results from using this underarm hair removal cream can last up to 8 weeks. After that, the process can be repeated from the beginning. Side effects that may appear are rashes, burning sensations, and acne in the area where the cream is applied.

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6. Waxing

Method waxing professionally carried out by therapists is also quite popular. The method is to apply caramel wax or hard wax, then pulled until all the hair and roots are pulled out.

Results can last 2-8 weeks, depending on how fast a person’s hair grows. This means that this method needs to be repeated several times. The most common side effects are irritation and rashes, but these are only temporary.

7. Chemical depilation

You can remove armpit hair effectively by trying chemical depilation. Chemical depilation involves applying gel or cream directly to the skin. The way it works is to weaken the hair protein, namely keratin, so that it falls out or is easily pulled out. However, because this method does not target hair follicles, it only lasts about 2 weeks.

In contrast to creams which can only be used with a doctor’s prescription, chemical depilation can use creams that are sold freely. This is an affordable option and can be done at home. Before applying it, try rubbing a little on the skin first to see if there is an allergic reaction.

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8. Turmeric mask

One way to remove armpit hair naturally is by diligently applying a turmeric mask. The natural chemicals in turmeric are believed to reduce hair growth and density without hurting the skin.

This is because the chemical content can help weaken hair roots and pull hair out of the skin naturally. This has even been scientifically proven.

A 2017 study tested the oil of ginger, a plant that is in the same family as turmeric. Temulawak oil was applied to the armpit area of ​​60 women for 10 weeks. The researchers found that ginger oil could reduce or slow down hair growth in the underarm areas tested.

However, even though this method is successful in reducing armpit hair or slowing its growth, armpit hair cannot be removed completely and the results cannot be seen immediately.

The way turmeric removes armpit hair is also slower and less optimal than waxing or shaving hair.

If you want to try using a turmeric mask to remove armpit hair, here are the ingredients and how to use it:

Ingredients needed:

  • 1/4 cup turmeric powder
  • 3 tbsp rose water or milk
  • Towel

How to make a turmeric mask for underarm hair:

  • Mix the ingredients until the consistency is thick like toothpaste
  • Wash your armpits and dry them with a towel.
  • Apply turmeric paste to your underarms and leave it for about 30 minutes.
  • Soak a towel in warm water and wipe the turmeric mask on your armpits until clean.

For maximum results, repeat this method every day or every other day to reduce underarm hair growth. You can apply the mask when you want to sleep, then clean your armpits again after showering in the morning.

9. Honey mask

Honey can be an ingredient for waxing underarm hair
Honey can be an ingredient for waxing underarm hair

Not only can it overcome problems with facial skin, honey can also be a natural ingredient for removing armpit hair. Honey is often used as a supporting ingredient in products sugar waxing.

According to a 2016 review, honey has been scientifically recognized as antimicrobial and can heal wounds. So, you can use honey to remove armpit hair without risking skin injury.

If you want to make a honey mask, here are the ingredients you need and how to make it:

Materials needed:

  • 3 tbsp Honey
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • Towel

How to make:

  • Mix these ingredients until you get a smooth paste texture.
  • Wash your armpits and dry them with a towel.
  • Apply the paste to your armpits and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  • Soak a towel in warm water and clean the mask that sticks to the underarm skin.

For maximum results, you can regularly apply this honey mask 2 to 3 times a week.

However, keep in mind that even with this natural method of removing armpit hair with honey, the results cannot be seen instantly. Armpit hair may only become thinner and not thick, rather than falling out as extreme as when you wax or shave it.

Notes from TipsForWomens

Some of the methods above can be a way to remove armpit hair. However, its effectiveness and how long it lasts depends on many factors. If there are complaints such as hair continuing to grow, it could be hormonal factors or other medical conditions such as PCOS and hyperthyroidism.