9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Likes You

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Likes You

Is your colleague or friend hovering around you? Do you have doubts about his feelings? Learn to decode his behavior to find out if he secretly loves you…

He/she is always nearby

If as soon as you take a step aside at the office, at your gym or at school – a shadow follows you – it may be that the person in question is attracted to you. Indeed, the feeling of love is often accompanied by a form of obsession for the loved one… Result: he/she finds a way to always be close to you.

He/she has a good memory

Your favorite dish, the place of your vacation, an important date… Does your colleague have an (unfortunate) tendency to remember the smallest details of your life? Caution. You may be interested in him a little too closely.

He/she is focused on you

If your friend drinks your words, responds instantly to your texts and is available 24 hours a day to listen to your stories (even the uninteresting ones), he might have fallen in love with you. This exaggerated interest may indeed be a reflection of his romantic feelings.

He/she becomes nervous around you

Who has never been nervous, even awkward, in the presence of their crush? This very frequent stress reflects the desire to do “good impression” in front of the other. And therefore to please him!

He/she always supports you

Another “in love” sign to spot: having the support – without fail – of the other. And this, whatever our position or attitude on a subject.

He/she cares deeply about your well-being

Does your colleague worry as soon as you have a slight drop in morale, or even a simple cold? If your well-being becomes his priority, he may be secretly in love with you…

He/she pays you little attentions

Love is often accompanied by little touches: a few flowers, a sweet word, a personalized gift… Further proof of his interest in you.

He/she defends you

If a friend always sticks up for you, even when you’re not around, then it’s likely that there’s more than just friendship between you – their affection may have turned into love.

He/she seeks visual and physical contact

Finally, if the other person looks at you, touches your shoulder, takes your hand for no reason… Everything suggests that he likes you a little too much. Non-verbal cues say a lot about the other person’s feelings.

Interpret these signs with caution

These 9 signs can indeed suggest a secret love interest but must also be interpreted with caution and according to the context. It is probably the combination of a set of these signs that is more revealing. Because taken separately, each of them can also mean something else“, reveals Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist. But in fact, “A constant presence physically or in message, regular invitations; punctuate your daily life with little, well-chosen touches; attention to you; nervousness because her feelings destabilize her; his support, his concern for you etc. still show a romantic interest in you,” she explains.

Emotional reactions are also very revealing, warns the expert.

“A person who secretly has romantic feelings may show a particular interest in your successes and failures: excessive pride, overflowing enthusiasm, or exaggerated reassurance when you fail.” she concludes.