9 Tips for Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Operasi gigi bungsu yang sakit perlu dilakukan agar tidak berkelanjutan

During the recovery period after wisdom teeth surgery, you can feel various discomforts. So that healing is not hampered, the area used for wisdom teeth surgery must be cared for properly.

Don’t worry, there are several ways you can do so that the recovery process after wisdom teeth surgery can go well and quickly.

Condition of teeth and mouth after wisdom teeth surgery

The doctor may recommend surgical removal of wisdom teeth if their growth causes any discomfort.

Wisdom tooth extraction surgery is a minor operation and usually takes around 2 weeks to completely recover. However, in some people, recovery can take place more quickly, namely around 7 days.

During the recovery period after wisdom teeth surgery, you may experience several disturbing complaints. However, this is normal and you don’t need to panic.

After surgery, your mouth and cheeks will experience swelling and this condition may worsen for several days, before gradually improving.

You may also experience a stiff and sore jaw. However, usually this condition can heal within 7 to 10 days after surgery. Meanwhile, the cheek skin may experience mild bruising for up to 2 weeks.

Pain is also inevitable after surgery. The more difficult or complicated the tooth extraction process is, the worse the pain will be. But this condition will gradually improve over time.

During the recovery period, you may also have a bad taste in your mouth. And although it rarely occurs, tingling or numbness in the face, lips or tongue may accompany other symptoms that you feel.

However, if after wisdom teeth surgery you experience excessive bleeding, severe pain, or other unusual symptoms, immediately have the condition checked by your dentist or oral surgeon.

All discomfort after wisdom teeth surgery can disappear quickly and well as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions properly, including taking medication regularly and not smoking.

How to speed up recovery after wisdom teeth surgery

So that the recovery period goes well and quickly, there are several things you can do, such as:

1. Do not remove the gauze

For 30 minutes after wisdom teeth surgery, you must continue to bite the gauze. The dentist will inform you when the gauze can be removed, usually after the bleeding has reduced.

2. Get more rest

During the healing period, rest as much as possible. You may need permission from school or work for three to five days after wisdom tooth surgery so that the wound can heal quickly.

3. Use an ice compress

Ice compresses are useful to help reduce swelling in the surgical area. Wrap the ice bag in a clean, soft towel or cloth, then place it on the swollen facial area for 20 minutes.

After that, leave it without compressing for 20 minutes, and compress it again for 20 minutes. Repeat this method several times a day.

4. Keep the extraction site clean

The wound left by a tooth extraction is an open wound that is at risk of infection. Therefore, always keep the extraction site clean by not chewing food using the teeth on the same side as the extraction area, regularly rinsing the extraction area with mouthwash, and diligently brushing your teeth gently after the bleeding stops.

Remember, you should only rinse the mouthwash you use and don’t rinse your mouth too vigorously as usual. The problem is, vigorous mouth gargling movements can cause blood clots to dislodge and actually cause complications after extraction called dry socket.

5. Take all medications as prescribed

After surgery, the doctor will prescribe medication to reduce pain and reduce the risk of infection. Take all medications as prescribed and do not stop taking medications without your doctor’s approval.

6. Consume soft foods

So that the wound heals quickly after wisdom teeth surgery, you should eat soft or liquid foods such as pudding, jelly, porridge, soft noodles, softened bananas, soup or smoothies.

For the first few days after surgery, it is best to avoid foods that require chewing, especially if the food is hard and sticky. Food that is hard and easily stuck can cause pain and reopen wounds that are still healing.

If wisdom teeth have only been removed from one side of the mouth, you may be able to start chewing on the opposite side 24 hours after surgery.

7. Do not smoke

It’s best not to smoke for at least one day after tooth extraction surgery. Ideally, you stop smoking at least 72 hours after tooth extraction.

Smoking after tooth extraction surgery will cause slow healing and dry socket which causes severe pain in the tooth extraction area.

8. Don’t exercise too hard

You can start exercising 24 hours after wisdom tooth extraction surgery. However, because exercising can increase blood pressure, you should not exercise too vigorously.

Excessive physical activity can cause blood to come out of the surgical scar, shifting of blood clots that have formed, and opening of the stitches.

These are ways to care for wounds after wisdom teeth surgery. If you still have questions or concerns regarding the recovery conditions after wisdom teeth surgery, you should immediately consult a dentist or oral surgeon.