A dermatologist reveals her tip for a hydrated eye area using a kitchen accessory

A dermatologist reveals her tip for a hydrated eye area using a kitchen accessory

In winter, the air is often drier, causing the skin to feel tight and dry. To remedy this, a dermatologist has discovered a… most surprising tip. Explanations.

Do you frequently experience dryness around the eyes, or even a burning sensation? On TikTok, a dermatologist found an original way to remedy this.

Moisturize your eye area… using cling film

Who would have believed it ? Cling film or cellophane seems to have incredible properties according to American dermatologist @shereeneidriss.

According to her, it would be very effective in promoting hydration around the eyes. And for good reason: cellophane allows treatments to penetrate deeply and therefore improve the absorption of active ingredients.

To benefit from this plumping and hydrating effect, the expert recommends applying the cream (or serum) in a thick layer around the eyes then placing a small piece of cling film on this area.

If your facial moisturizer is also formulated for use around the eyes, simply apply it like a mask,” she specifies.

Then, simply wait for around fifteen minutes and remove the excess cream (if there is any).

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Which cream to choose?

To hydrate the skin around the eyes, opt for richer moisturizers in winter, which contain nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter or hyaluronic acid. These actually help retain moisture.

Also make sure that the cream or serum in question has soothing properties to calm any irritation caused by the cold.

Final advice: always choose products adapted to your skin type (fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, if your skin is prone to eczema for example).

Thanks to these few tips, the treatments will smooth your wrinkles and fine lines and protect your skin from external aggressions (pollution, dry air, etc.).