A Frenchman wins 73 million in the Euromillions. How not to go crazy? Our psychologist’s response

A Frenchman wins 73 million in the Euromillions.  How not to go crazy?  Our psychologist's response

Last night, the jackpot of 73 million euros put into play by the Euromillions was won by a Frenchman. A gain that makes you dream… but how can you not lose your footing with so much money? Our psychologist’s response.

Tuesday February 20, the jackpot of 73 million euros at stake in the Euromillions was won by a resident of France who undoubtedly experienced a cold sweat and saw his new “bling bling” life flash before his eyes . But once the euphoria has subsided, isn’t such a change of condition difficult to manage? Without pitying the big winners, what is planned for them to keep their heads on their shoulders in such a situation?

The big winners supported by the Française des Jeux

Once the winner has declared himself and all the checks have been carried out, it only takes a week for the lucky person to receive the immense sum, by check or transfer. The delivery is done in person, for an initial exchange and support by the Française des Jeux. But contrary to what we sometimes hear, no psychological follow-up is strictly speaking given.

On the other hand, the company provides all winners of more than one million euros with 5 years of collective workshops, around fifteen per year, to receive advice on several themes: “They make it possible to provide winners with information, particularly in the area of ​​managing their assets. Other workshops are dedicated to expressing their emotions regarding their daily life” indicates Isabelle Cesari, manager of Big Winners relations on the FDJ website.

Workshops are therefore planned with the help of psychologists, but no private sessions are given “this is not included in the process” specifies the FDJ. Another advantage of these workshops is that they are often an opportunity to find a sponsor, a former winner, to benefit from their experience.

The importance of regaining legitimacy for all of this

For Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist and member of our committee of experts, it is however often necessary to engage in psychological work when faced with such a shock, however “enriching” it may be, so as not to let yourself be overwhelmed.

“The whole challenge will be to be able to keep the values ​​that we had before becoming this big winner. And this inevitably shakes up many things, notably the notion of legitimacy and the efforts made to obtain this money (which almost falls from the sky). It may seem important to work on this legitimacy which is not obvious, and to find a healthy and intelligible way of doing something with this money, which would give meaning to this event, according to its values ​​and ethics. she advises.

But do we necessarily have to go through psychological monitoring to experience it well? No protocol is officially established. For our expert, it’s up to everyone to see if they want to take advantage of it and nothing is obligatory. “If this gain involves discomfort or a loss of meaning, and we feel the need to express this without judgment in caring listening, and to work on the way we look at things and at ourselves, then yes , it is quite clear that consulting a professional is relevant”.

Listening is all the more important since confiding in those close to you, when you have just won several millions, is not always recommended or welcome.

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