“A good diet contributes to happiness”: foods to put on the menu to be happier

“A good diet contributes to happiness”: foods to put on the menu to be happier

Would food make you happy? Yes, as long as you choose it carefully. Here is the list of foods to choose to keep smiling.

No offense to born complainers, certain foods, full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, make us happier. At least these are the conclusions of two nutritionist doctors, interviewed by our colleagues from Le Parisien.

Which foods should you prioritize on the plate?

No more raclette cheese or marbled cake. Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables should be favored.

The foods that make you happiest are raw and seasonal.” So, If you want to make someone happy, put more colors on their plate.” says nutritionist doctor Arnaud Cocaul.

As such, the foods that positively influence mood are numerous and varied. We can particularly note:

  • Bananas, sweet potatoes and cereal products; These foods are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin. This plays an essential role in regulating mood and sleep.
  • Fish, rapeseed oil and oilseeds are full of Omega 3, fatty acids which promote the proper functioning of the brain. “It is not for nothing that Public Health Europe introduced the notion of taking a handful of nuts per day“, confides Dr. Cocaul to Le Parisien.
  • Dark chocolate; “It has more than 800 molecules, some of which play an antidepressant role.“, explains Jean-Michel Cohen.
  • Red fruits, which contain anthocyanins – natural pigments responsible for their bright color. However, these are powerful antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress and improve cognitive health.

And those to ban

Still according to nutritionists, certain foods can negatively influence mood.

People who monotonously eat ultra-processed foods are less happy because it affects their gut microbiota, also known as the second brain.says Dr. Cocaul.

An imbalance in the gut microbiota can indeed be associated with mood disorders, including depression.

In addition, certain elements found in fried foods, such as trans fatty acids, can have harmful consequences on brain function and, more generally, mental health.

A recent study confirmed that individuals who frequently ate fried foods were at greater risk of depression.

You have been warned!

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