A mother's original tip to “wear out” her children

A mother's original tip to "wear out" her children

A child who has exercised well is often a child who sleeps better in the evening. But what do you do when you don't have a garden to run and play in? An American mother found the solution, which she shared on TikTok. We say thank you to him.

Parents know it well: a child in great shape needs to expend his energy during the day, to sleep early (at least we hope). But not everyone is lucky enough to have a large garden or play park nearby. So how can we quench their thirst for races, games, and adventure?

Run, rollerblade, bike at will on a diverted space

On TikTok, an American mother found the solution that suits her and which could well make your Sunday afternoon too, if you hadn't already thought of it.

“I have a parenting tip for you. Find yourself a large empty parking lot on the weekend, personally we use a large company parking lot. Your children can do biking or scooter in complete freedom. And you can relax because you don't have to worry about traffic. Children feel independent because they can go far, and you don't have to worry about them, it's ideal!”

Of course, it's about finding a truly deserted and secure parking lot on the weekend.

What activities in a parking lot?

If the gray and cold side may put you off, know that for the child it can become a life-size playground. Roller skating (with good protection), cycling or scootering, dodgeball, or simply running can keep them busy for a while. It is also the ideal place to learn road safety rules (with plots for example) or to make chalk drawings without restraint.

Once everyone has had a good run, head home for a good snack.

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