A revolution in the world of relaxation or just a massage? Test drive BORK Avalon capsule

A revolution in the world of relaxation or just a massage?  Test drive BORK Avalon capsule

For the last six months I have been digging quite deeply into the topic. mindfulness and meditation – that same hygiene of consciousness or mental gymnastics, without which almost no book or conversation about “happiness management” can do now. And BORK agreed to BORK’s offer to test their new massage capsule with a built-in meditation guru without much hesitation. That’s when it’s really interesting.

It’s difficult to surprise anyone with massage capsules – go to any large shopping center and you’ll see a chair where you can massage your tired body for a small bribe. This will be a mass market of a quality level that is not fully understood – it is unlikely to cause you harm, but it is also unlikely to bring long-term benefit. Rather, it is an option for momentary relaxation and pleasure.

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BORK, in the case of its Avalon massage capsule, immediately dived into the premium niche “not for everyone” (the price is 1.35 million rubles – really “not for everyone”) and released a gadget that is aimed not only at the solvent public, but also, speaking the language of mindfulness, the audience as conscious as possible. This is not just a massage capsule, but also a device for regular meditation under the guidance of your own guru. And also a beautiful design object, the silhouette reminiscent of an expensive sports car, even though it was developed by the award-winning ItalDesign bureau (the portfolio includes Ferrari, Maserati and other high-profile car brands).

In addition, Avalon has a built-in bioimpedance meter that scans your body composition, and Brain Massage technology that uses binaural beats to calm your brain or sharpen your focus. BORK calls the capsule nothing less than a “revolution in the world of relaxation,” and let’s figure out how appropriate it is to talk about a revolution here.

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Test Drive

I put on shoe covers and get into the capsule, feeling a little like a racer, a little like a test pilot – its futuristic appearance gives rise to associations with ultra-high-speed flights. In the case of Avalon, flights of consciousness are not expected to be a roller coaster. The capsule is open, so claustrophobia is excluded. I start with bioimpedance measurement so that the system advises me on a relaxation mode in accordance with the current state of the body. Bioimpedance meter is a device for analyzing the internal environments of the body by measuring the electrical resistance of parts of the body. Sensors are built into the legs and arms.

I get results and, in accordance with individual recommendations, choose a meditation regimen for relaxation and stress relief. A light and airy female voice guides me through the entire 20-minute session, taking on the role of guru and instructing me step by step.

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First about the massage. As a person who has some back problems and often turns to a professional massage therapist, I can say that BORK managed to make a great product. The massage is as close as possible to the effects of human hands – it, as expected, is at times painful and at the same time intuitive – the system understands that it is pressing on the trigger point, and, in the event of an excessive reaction of the body, it gently bypasses it. The company says that for the technology they turned to a South Korean institute, one of the world’s best specialists in massage capsules. The final calibration is entrusted to a certain magical grandmother who knows how to notice inaccuracies in the movement of rollers and air cushions at the micro level.

Next – actually, about meditation. The capsule contains a wide variety of proprietary programs for every taste; you can choose based on personal preferences and recommendations after undergoing bioimpedance measurements. They say that the device is so sensitive that it can even predict a slight hangover and offer a program that will relieve it. Well, plus that very “brain massage” – binaural beats.

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I tried the classic version of body scanning, when a voice gently tells you for 20 minutes which part of the body you need to concentrate on right now. If you have been practicing meditation for a long time, don’t expect discoveries – everything, plus or minus, is according to the textbook. Mentally go through all parts of the body and thereby become aware of them.

Why then buy yourself a massage capsule for this, if you can read a book by some Dispenza or watch a master class on YouTube? The answer is obvious – to get a massage at the same time. This, perhaps, is the novelty of Avalon (I still won’t use the word “revolutionary” – it’s too loud). You meditate and at the same time massage your body – to “make friends” with your consciousness, to strengthen the connection between them. Essentially, the massage is synchronized with the meditation program, and this makes it possible to better feel your physicality. It’s the same with binaural beats – you “massage” your brain with music and at the same time massage your body. The perfect combo.

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Bottom line

I liked the idea of ​​combining high-quality massage with meditative practices. It is difficult to say how much this increases the effectiveness of meditation – research will be required, but it definitely allows you to relax well and get benefits for the body. Well, Avalon is just beautiful.

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