A thin (and discreet!) belt to combat pain, presented at CES 2024

A thin (and discreet!) belt to combat pain, presented at CES 2024

Like every year, CES is held in Las Vegas, the famous tech show. Many start-ups take advantage of this to present their new products. My Moony, based in Metz, was able to show the general public its latest innovation: a belt to combat pelvic, lumbar or digestive pain.

From January 9 to 12, start-ups from around the world are rushing to CES in Las Vegas, United States, to present their latest innovations. My Moony, a French company based in Metz, has unveiled its belt against pelvic, lumbar and digestive pain.

A belt to relieve chronic pain

Designed in a connected textile, the My Moony belt can be worn all day long. It aims to relieve chronic pain, whether related to periods, endometriosis or lower back pain.

It can also relieve digestive pain, according to the start-up. Thin and discreet, the belt can be worn under clothing all day long. It has a battery life of eight hours before needing to be recharged.

Heating and massaging, for more comfort

The belt was therefore imagined by the founder of My Moony, Asma Hassoune for whom she collaborated with Dr Omar Bakour. It uses thermotherapy, that is to say heat, to relieve the wearer.

The belt can also deliver massages, thanks to transcutaneous vibratory stimulation. Adjustments are made remotely, from your mobile phone. A connected belt which has already been adopted by 3000 users in one year.

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