A TikTok user will be more impulsive than average

A TikTok user will be more impulsive than average

In a short time, TikTok has established itself as one of young people’s favorite platforms. But what makes these users different from the average? No doubt their constant need for connection and their impulsiveness. This is what the latest study by Morning Consult reveals, which analyzed the profile of the latter. 53% of the most regular users say they are more impulsive than the American average (37%).

TikTok’s heavy users are predominantly young, with a strong representation of Generation Z and millennials. They are also more likely to have children in their household, yet are more likely to be single. Mostly present in urban areas, frequent TikTok users are also more likely to be renters than owners. This is what the Morning Consult study, conducted among 37,257 American users on April 3, 2023, demonstrates.

Screen addicts

82% of people who use TikTok several times a day say they want to be constantly connected either by phone or internet, which is 16 percentage points more than the general population. This addiction to screens can be heard in other spheres and other social networks. The most active users on TikTok are also on Instagram (87% vs 59%), Snapchat (73% vs 38%) and YouTube (98% vs 91%). Generally speaking, TikTokers are always ahead of the general average. If 74% of the American population say they use Facebook Messenger, 83% of them are loyal to the Chinese giant.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Impulsive always looking for new trends

More impulsive than the average (53% vs. 37%), TikTok users also seek to access a higher social status (43% vs. 26%), which is why they are more on the lookout for new trends (53 % vs 31%) and are more likely to try new products (45% vs 29%).

This constant need for connection and appetite to test new products is a key factor for brands seamlessly integrating commerce with social media, and not just on TikTok. This cohort uses all social media platforms more often than the general population and is also more likely to make purchases through social media and mobile apps. They are more likely to make purchases via social media, with a gap of 15 percentage points compared to all adults in the United States, highlights the study.