According to researchers, this drink is THE solution to counter aging

According to researchers, this drink is THE solution to counter aging

Drinking three cups a day of this drink would reduce cellular damage and preserve good organ health.

Anti-wrinkle creams, detoxifying capsules, fasting, liquid collagen… There are many techniques to try to rejuvenate. The latest one? Drink tea.

3 cups of tea per day

For this scientific study, published in the journal The Lancet, 5,998 British adults aged 37 to 73 and 7,931 Chinese adults aged 30 to 79 were questioned about their daily tea consumption.

Their biological age was measured using blood tests targeting DNA changes.

However, during two years of monitoring, the researchers noticed that the consumption of this drink reduced cellular damage and prolonged the vitality of the organs. And this, regardless of the quantity of green or black tea consumed.

These anti-aging effects can be explained by the bioactive compounds in tea, in other words polyphenols, theanine, and caffeine.

As for the ideal dose of tea, it is quite substantial, say the researchers.

We found that drinking around three cups of tea per day could have anti-aging effects. This could be because tea contains many bioactive compounds“, estimates Dr Yi Xiang, from Sichuan University.

Nevertheless, “Some aspects of tea consumption – such as leaf type, concentration and temperature – could not be examined in depth in this study“.

Further research will therefore need to be carried out on this subject.

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Tea is also good for the heart

In the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, tea has also proven itself. Thus, it would limit the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, responsible for blocking the arteries.

The mechanism would be linked to the antioxidants of this plant which prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol, thus reducing the formation of plaques. But the polyphenols in tea also have an antithrombotic effect (against the formation of clots which can obstruct an artery).

Again, drinking three cups of tea per day would be ideal and would reduce heart attacks by 11%.

The 10 benefits of tea

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