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According to UFC Que Choisir, here is THE most effective toothpaste against cavities

According to UFC Que Choisir, here is THE most effective toothpaste against cavities

Which toothpaste to choose for healthy teeth? TipsForWomens shares with you the response from UFC Que Choisir regarding the best toothpaste on the market.

To take care of your teeth, you must start by choosing a healthy and effective toothpaste. UFC Que Choisir compared most of the toothpastes available and reveals its results.

Pay attention to the composition of toothpastes

To establish its ranking, the UFC Que Choisir association carried out usage tests on 24 toothpastes sold commercially.

According to the results, the composition of many toothpastes shows that they are not actually cleansing enough. In fact, they contain too little fluoride to be really effective. According to consumers, this is a major problem because it is the main role of a toothpaste.

On the other hand, there is a significant proportion of abrasives, whose role is to eliminate dental discolorations linked in particular to tobacco, coffee or tea. Too much will therefore tend to quickly wear away the enamel of your teeth, as well as your gums. It is therefore preferable to choose a weakly or moderately abrasive toothpaste.

Finally, most toothpastes sold commercially contain allergenic or even carcinogenic substances. This is the case of sodium lauryl sulfate or titanium dioxide, which are present in certain whitening toothpastes.

What is the best toothpaste according to the association?

The UFC Que Choisir places bi-fluorinated mint toothpaste from Fluocaril at the top of the rankings. The brand has positioned itself for several years as an expert in cavity prevention. Thus, the product obtains a rating of 13.9/20, which corresponds to three stars.

Here is the toothpaste in question:

Fluocaril Bi-Fluorinated 145mg Mint NEW Paste – 75mL (Mint), around €5

best toothpaste

Where to get it ? You can buy it in pharmacies, drugstores and most supermarkets.

Why is he at the top of the ranking? This toothpaste has a low quantity of abrasives, few allergenic substances, and its cleaning capacity is considered “satisfactory” by consumers.

Furthermore, this product is appreciated by users because it is a toothpaste that foams well and is pleasant to use. It also has a fairly classic mint taste, which is suitable for consumers.

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