According to UFC Que Choisir, this nourishing shampoo has the best composition (and it is at a low price!)

According to UFC Que Choisir, this nourishing shampoo has the best composition (and it is at a low price!)

If you never know which shampoo to choose in the beauty section of supermarkets, the consumer association UFC Que Choisir has compared the formulas of these products to guide you. We reveal to you which nourishing shampoo you should bet on.

Shampoo is essential in the French bathroom. If today it can be presented in different forms: liquid, solid, but also in powder; the most classic version remains the liquid form which transforms into foam on contact with water. How to choose your shampoo without making a mistake and avoiding allergens and other dangerous substances? UFC Que Choisir compared thousands of references, particularly in supermarkets. Find out which nourishing shampoo wins all the votes when it comes to composition.

Naturé Moi nourishing shampoo has it all

It’s simple, all the lights are green in the composition of Naturé Moi’s nourishing shampoo. “It is rich in organic apricot and organic sesame oil. It nourishes and repairs your hair from root to tip, cleans it without weighing it down while protecting it from external aggressions” indicated the UFC-Que Choisir. This shampoo is 95% of plant origin and the formula does not contain any silicones. As a reminder, if these ingredients have the role of sheathing the hair fiber to make it smooth and silky, ultimately, they can suffocate the scalp. Another good point is that the formula does not contain sulfates, surfactants which can become irritating. Finally, the brand has used non-discriminated preservatives rather than using parabens.

Nourishing shampoo: for whom?

If you have dry, weakened, damaged and/or curly/frizzy hair; It is recommended to use a nourishing shampoo which will deeply nourish your lengths. If a shampoo must above all rid the roots of residue and dirt that can accumulate; its formula must also remain gentle on the scalp and allow you to display beautiful hair. Good news for small budgets, so there is no need to spend a fortune on a big brand shampoo; you can find what you’re looking for in supermarkets. Indeed, the Naturé Moi shampoo has a mini price of around 5 euros.