Agathe Pauli, disabled swimmer: what are her fitness secrets for the Olympic Games?

Agathe Pauli, disabled swimmer: what are her fitness secrets for the Olympic Games?

Agathe Pauli follows a well-established sports routine. At the edge of the Cercle des Nageurs pools, where she trains in Antibes, we took the time to chat with her about her daily life as a champion… and her secrets for staying in shape.

Physical preparation, eating routine, mental coaching, sleep… A few months before the Paris Olympic Games, high-level athletes are subject to rigorous preparation. Agathe Pauli, a rising star in Paralympic swimming, knows this requirement well, as she prepares for the French Championships and the World Cup with a view to participating in the Paralympics in Paris.

A well-established fitness routine

Agathe Pauli has competition in her skin. Born with a physical “difference” (a right leg that refused to grow), she never let this “asset” get her down, as she likes to call it. From the age of 18 months, she defied predictions and walked, much to the surprise of doctors. But she does not intend to stop there, and continues her journey by becoming triple champion of Europe 2022 and fourth place in freestyle for her first participation in the 2022 world championships.

A suprise ? Not for her coach, who defines her as hardworking and persevering. When it comes to her sporting routine, Agathe displays iron discipline.

My fitness routine for the Games is, above all, good sleep and a good diet to be able to complete the day’s training and progress calmly.“, confides the young swimmer.

In terms of sleep, Agathe needs a lot of hours of rest to recover and admits to going to bed every evening around 10 p.m.

In the evening, Agathe stretches and schedules relaxation sessions on her phone. Sessions, which last approximately “10 minutes”.

Yes to food cravings… in moderation!

When it comes to food, Agathe is staying at CREPS (expertise and sports performance resource center), where the food is fairly balanced. Meals are carefully controlled so that athletes do not miss anything.

Despite everything, “eShe sometimes doesn’t eat enough calories. Agathe is in fact not a big eater, although she loses between 3,000 and 40,000 calories per workout (one workout several days). Which, in short, would amount to consuming between 6 and 7 kg of pasta per day to balance…”, confides his coach.

Therefore, the young swimmer must eat correctly and in large quantities.

Food crackers: they can, because they consume a lot of energy“, admits the coach.

Small occasional deviations, which Agathe appreciates.

I try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible, in the morning I also take vitamins. But I also allow myself tacos, pizzas… it’s important to treat yourself!“, concludes the young champion.