“Alphabet Dating”: the basics to break the routine in your couple

“Alphabet Dating”: the basics to break the routine in your couple

How to fight against routine, the main enemy of couples? To make your relationship last, Tiktok helps us with the #AlphabetDating trick. Explanations.

On this Chinese social network, many beauty, well-being or nutrition trends are emerging every week. The latest is called “Alphabet Dating”, a method which aims to break the routine within couples but also to strengthen the relationship. If you feel that your activities as a couple are redundant and that the flame of the first days is fading, Alphabet Dating is for you!

Alphabet Dating: what is it all about?

Rest assured, Alphabet Dating is not about reciting the letters of the alphabet with your partner. In reality, it’s about choosing an activity to do with your partner, thanks to the letters of the alphabet.

The principle is simple, you just need to start with the letter A to find an activity to do and whose first letter begins with this same letter of the alphabet. Once the activity is done with your partner, you follow the alphabetical order and find an activity for each letter.

For example, with the letter A you can go to the aquarium. With the letter B, you can take a boat trip or go bowling. With the letter C, you can go camping, go to a concert, or with the letter E, you can do an escape game… and so on.

Multiple benefits

With the alphabet, the choice of activities becomes very varied and this allows you to diversify your outings! Aini, you can discover new activities and thus break the routine. Sharing these new experiences together will allow you to consolidate your relationship.

“Having the alphabet as inspiration for different date ideas can add something more interesting to what might otherwise be monotonouse”, explains the former sociologist of Tinder and Bumble, Jess Carbino for Well+Good.

Of course, the choice of activities should not be a constraint but a decision taken jointly with your partner. The goal: live in the moment. Moreover, Alphabet Dating is not only reserved for couples who escape routine. It can also help you come up with ideas for first dates with your flirt.

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