Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 14 to 21 March

Amici 2021, week from 14 to 21 March: the professors form the teams for the evening and launch the first challenges. Ė open warfare among students.

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

The evening is upon us: the professors make up three teams and explain the "rules of the game". Among the competitions to be held, there is the "gauntlet" which will compare a student with one or more opponents. The external jurors who will evaluate the tests will eliminate two students, already during the first evening.


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Friends 2021, what will happen in the evening

All the students of the school have moved on to the evening: it is the first time in the history of Amici that there is a large number of participants in the Saturday evening show, precisely 17. In the episode of March 16, Maria communicates to the teachers how the evening: the production has decided that three teams will be formed, made up of singers and dancers.

The singing and dance teachers will form pairs on the basis of communion of purpose and identity of views. Each team will consist of two professors, one for singing and one for dancing, who will bring their respective students with them. In this way, the teachers will be able to transfer their experience to the students, supporting the children of their own team and challenging those of the other teams who do not reflect their idea of ​​talent. There will be 3 external judges to judge the race and, already during the first episode of the evening, two or three eliminations will take place.

Amici 2021, the Zerbi-Celentano team

The first team is led by teachers Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano and consists of 7 students: Deddy, Enula, Sangiovanni, Tommaso, Esa, Serena and Leonardo. The boys meet the professors who explain the game strategy to them. Zerbi communicates to the boys that they will have at their disposal a series of tools, useful to demonstrate their value: challenges, challenge gloves and comparative that will serve to highlight the talent of the members of a team and, on the contrary, the shortcomings of the opponents.

Rudy and Alessandra have a clear strategy in mind: focus on the opposing teams and identify their weaknesses. The teacher Celentano believes that two dancers, students of Cuccarini, are particularly easy to fight: Martina and Rosa. The first because, in his opinion, it does not even excel in its style, Latin, and the second because it is just beautiful and gets along in interpretation but totally lacks technique.

Similarly, Rudy talks about what he thinks are the weakest links in the school: first of all Raffaele who, in his opinion, has a good voice but is unable to convey emotions and, secondly, Ibla, who seems to have lost its full potential, especially in writing lyrics.

Amici 2021, the Peparini-Pettinelli team

Leading the second team of the evening is the couple Veronica Peparini and Anna Pettinelli. Their team is made up of only three elements which, however, have never been questioned. during their stay in the school: Samuele, Giulia and Aka7even. Prof Pettinelli immediately says that the first goal to be achieved is to overcome the first episode. The two professors make a speech similar to that of their colleagues Zerbi and Celentano, that is to identify the "targets" easier to eliminate, in the opposing teams. Anna believes that Esa, Deddy, Leonardo and Tancredi are the first to bet on: Esa and Deddy have problems in intonation, Leonardo has a retro style, while Tancredi, despite having proposed two convincing unpublished works, is unable to interpret the covers .

Peparini, on the other hand, finds that the less strong dancers of the opposing teams are Martina and Serena. The first because, according to her, it has undergone an involution in its path, completely losing itself and the second because, during the performance, it is unable to dominate the scene but allows itself to be "swallowed" by the stage.

Amici 2021, the Arisa-Cuccarini team

The third and last team, headed by Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini, is made up of 7 students: Rosa, Alessandro, Ibla, Martina, Tancredi, Raffaele and Gaia. The strategy of the two professors goes in the totally opposite direction to that proposed by colleagues: enhancing the elements of their team, relying on their strengths and hard work and not on the weaknesses of the opponents. Lorella openly declares that she does not want to play the other teachers' game but to be proactive, focusing on the versatility of her students. Cuccarini explains that, for the moment, she has no intention of throwing gauntlets or proposing comparatives, opting more for a defensive game, at least in this initial phase of the evening.

Amici 2021, the challenge gloves

In the episode of March 19, the Celentano teacher sends a message to the house to throw the first gauntlet to Rosa. De Filippi explains to the students that the challenge can be challenged by the challenged student and the teacher but only the jury has the power to cancel it by majority vote, two out of three.

Prof Alessandra throws her glove, contrasting Rosa who, according to her opinion, does not even know the ABCs of dance, with Serena. The dancers are shown on video the choreography to be performed and Rosa accepts the challenge. Surprisingly, the latter receives yet another gauntlet from Celentano, again against Serena. The proposed choreography is very difficult, it is a can-can that requires a lot of technique and, in this case, Rosa challenges the challenge.

Peparini also throws her “glove”, asking both Tommaso and Alessandro to challenge her pupil Samuele, in an improvisation contest. The latter, who has given the opportunity to show his creative skills, is in a position of clear advantage over his teammates. In fact, Veronica concludes her message by writing “we will win easy”. The two boys, although worried, do not contest the challenge.

The first challenge gloves also arrive for the singers: Pettinelli asks Esa to compete with Aka7even, in a medley of three different songs by genre and tonality. Anna believes that the strength of her pupil is versatility and, therefore, considers him a "champion" while Esa, in his presence is "a trivial supporting actor". The student of the Zerbi-Celentano team willingly accepts the challenge.

Rudy sends a message to Raffaele; for the teacher, the boy is unable to put his voice at the service of the songs, giving value to the text, unlike Leonardo who has a good ability to "enter" the song and interpret it. To highlight Leonardo's peculiarities, namely his talent for transferring emotion to the stage, Zerbi proposes a piece by the singer-songwriter Guccini (Pieces of Glass) that leaves little room for vocality, focusing everything on the narration of a text.

Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 20 March

The evening is approaching: while Rosa and Samuele meet their respective teachers, Cuccarini and Peparini, De Filippi explains the dynamics of the evening to the boys. First of all, Maria tells the boys that, during the first episode, there will be only two eliminations. The three external jurors will vote for each challenge, giving preference to one of the two competitors, and will have the power to decide who will be eliminated.

A first team will start the game, choosing which team to compete with. Who starts the game has the possibility to choose who to challenge but not the content of the exhibition. The gauntlet can only be declared by the profs who command the game. Those who suffer the match cannot throw the gauntlet but only accept it. The jury, at the request of the challenged student and his teacher, can decide by majority vote to cancel the glove. The comparative, on the other hand, can be requested by the jury at any time and, in that case, will replace the test decided by the teacher.

The first episode will open with a first match "best of three", in the sense that with a score of 2-0 the game stops. At that point, three students from the losing team will be indicated; Maria will open an envelope in installments in which it will be written whether the teachers will choose the three competitors, whether the choice will be divided between teachers and pupils or completely entrusted to the students. The chosen candidates will compete against each other until one is eliminated. The Rudy-Celentano team, on the other hand, begins to think about a strategy and draw up a list with the strongest and weakest elements of the team.

In addition to the challenge gloves, there will be the so-called "comparate" or the same dance or song performances performed by the challenger and challenged. The dance comparates see Thomas and Alexander challenge each other and the latter and Samuele. The singers who will compete with the same songs are Aka7even and Sangiovanni and the latter and Tancredi.

In the meantime, the production communicates to the students that it will implement a disciplinary measure, due to the excessive slowness of the boys in changing their stage clothes during the program. On a vote, Alessandro, Serena and Samuele are sanctioned who will not be able to wear the costumes during the show.

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