Among the short hair trends in 2023, the layered bob emerges (ie: the scaled bob)

Among the short hair trends in 2023, the layered bob emerges (ie: the scaled bob)
Among the short hair trends in 2023, the layered bob emerges (ie: the scaled bob)

Short hair is a cut full of personality; if equipped, or styled, in certain ways, it can best express our essence. Among the most popular shorts for 2023, the layered bob: what is it about?

Layered bob: what is it?

The bob is a bob haircut; There are longer or shorter variations of this look, but generally in its most classic form, this hairstyle allows you to wear your hair just below the chin line, if not even with the jaw. This haircut then takes on different names based on the centimeters cut and on how we style our hair: there is, for example, the mob hair (slightly longer than the classic one), but also the French bob, which is worn short, all jaw height and possibly with a light, tousled fringe. In the case of the layered bob, we are basically talking about a helmet scaled on the lengths, and which therefore creates more movement and volume around the face.

How to style the layered bob

Layered hair is always quite complex to style, since we have to deal with more than one length; for this reason, classic hairstyles may not hold. To prevent unruly tufts from taking flight from the head without our explicit consent, we must take advantage of the already short hair in itself to imagine, and recreate, the hairstyles we want. If, for example, we love crops, it will be advisable to avoid a six-high thing that inevitably melts with the passing of the minutes, and it is preferable to opt for a half-updo or the use of bobby pins and clips to modulate our hair as desired . If you love braids, then think of German braids, adherent to the skin; they will be able to capture every scaling!

Short haircuts 2023: the bob dominates

We first saw it on the American actress Zendaya, then on Chiara Ferragni on the occasion of her co-hosting at Sanremo 2023, then on the American it girl Hailey Bieber: in short, despite missing many names from the large list, we understood that the bob is a trend destined to survive every season. For spring summer, the scaled bob is certainly the most popular; opt for this hairstyle and, if you want to express your creativity, think about how layers can also wonderfully accommodate various color facets, from natural to more (magnificently) artificial ones.