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Yoga, the asanas that help you sleep well

Do you struggle to fall asleep and sleep is often disturbed? The Yoga runs to help. These asanas, suggested by Daniela Lantincina, Hatha Yoga teacher in Milan, will allow you to calm anxiety and sleep better. Actual before going to bed. Before starting Have a light dinner at least two…

How to do pushups correctly

Push ups (or pushups) are useful for train the whole upper part of the body. In addition to the triceps, during the push phase they also involve the shoulders and pectorals; while in the descent they involve the dorsal, posterior deltoids and paravertebral muscles. Here’s how to perform the push-ups:…

Total body workout: training on the stairs – Video

Total body workout: training on the stairs - Video
The steps of the house or the steps of a church or the village where you are on vacation are your outdoor gym. A few steps are enough for one workout that tones and firms legs and buttocks, but also arms, shoulders and abdominals, for a summer in which to…

Yoga: asanas to improve balance – Video

Yoga: asanas to improve balance - Video
Among the many virtues of yoga there is also that of helping to improve balance. To suggest 3 useful asanas to achieve this and show in video how to perform them is Lorenza Minolamulti-certified yoga teacher and founder of LoYoga App. “Maybe at first they will seem like positions one…

Total body mother and daughter: the toning workout – Video

Total body mother and daughter: the toning workout - Video
The video fitness program of Feel good this time it is dedicated to mothers and daughters. To foster complicity and union, but also to satisfy different levels of training. The proposed training is a total body workout where our Silvia performs a “light” version exercises, while her mother, Ilaria, also…

What is pool running and why it helps you lose weight

from Cristina Splendore With pool running or running in the water you work hard because you feel less fatigue and training can be more intense and prolonged. Pool running is a well-proven training: the first to practice it were the astronauts, in the 60s, to prepare to physically and psychologically…

Training: how to best recover between sessions

Your motivation is very strong: by now it’s not long before the bikini test and you want to be ready. If you want to use the last few weeks before the holidays to train as much as possible and get back in shape, remember that even in sports what matters…

The beach workout that makes you more beautiful and stronger

Functional training (which helps to gain maximum control of the body) on the beach is fun, 30% more effective than exercises in the gym, because it is performed on an unstable surface, and fast. IS the preparation ideal for any sport and it is also great as a training for…

Workout in water to tone arms, shoulders and pectorals

In winter they stay hidden but in summer, with t-shirts and tops, arms, shoulders and décolleté become protagonists. Even if you exercise regularly, your triceps may be relaxed, your shoulders slightly sloping, your pecs without tone. But it is never too late to remedy. Take advantage of beach holidays or…

How to straighten your back: the gym that corrects

How to straighten your back: the gym that corrects
Bad posture and advancing age can accentuate the dorsal curve of the back, a condition that can cause pain and hinder digestion and breathing. The following exercises are useful for straightening and correcting the back. Try the program suggested by Jair Consonni, orthkinetic physiotherapist in Legnano. Do it consistently 3-4…